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Corporate College Meeting & Event Services Receives ComplimentsThe Workforce Solutions Group believes that “our customers’ success is our success.”

We therefore invite you to measure the effectiveness of our training not through what we say but what our customers say through testimonials and endorsements of our programs and services.


Lean Transformation Training & Consulting Services

Our management team officially started our Lean journey in September of 2013. We interviewed three different consultants before we choose to work with St. Louis Community College’s Workforce Solutions Group. George Friesen is their representative and our consultant/trainer. I greatly appreciate George’s contribution to training our team and look forward to working with him this year as we move further into the Lean process.” stated Pete Gereau, Plant Manager, Raven Industries, Applied Technology Division.

Our multi-year relationship with St. Louis Community College has been instrumental in driving a transformational culture of operational excellence at our St. Louis sites. Employees are trained in and believe in the concepts of Lean manufacturing and 5S and our customers recognize the resulting improvements in our facilities and processes. We appreciate the support from the college and look forward to many more years of this partnership,” stated Kelly Foster, Director of Operations for Sigma Aldrich.

The Rug Doctor workforce is more engaged and productive,” stated Schubert Pereira, Vice President of Manufacturing and Research and Development at Rug Doctor. “Lean thinking and working processes are being used by corporations worldwide to increase their competitive strength by driving higher degrees of employee engagement. Lean works because it strongly encourages all employees to think about ways to make the work they do more productive. And it’s certainly done that in our plant. Our team members are continually thinking about ways to improve their workspaces and their ideas are making our plant more competitive.”

We have received accolades from a number of our customers, many of whom have traveled and visited numerous plants around North America and from one of Sonoco’s executive Vice Presidents, Howard Coker whose father was one of the founding members of Sonoco. Howard told me that this was the best looking Sonoco plant that he had ever visited which is quite a compliment for our plant. I greatly appreciate the training and guidance that you have been providing to our team and our plant will reap the benefits for years to come,” stated Frank DiSensi, Plant Manager, Sonoco Plastics, Hazelwood.

Leadership & Professional Development Training & Consulting Services

I am proud of our assistant superintendents, directors and assistant directors for making the commitment to the year-long Exceptional Leaders Certification Program and life-long learning. The training connects to our District’s Goal Number Two, which is to enhance professional development. It is important for HSD to create leaders throughout the organization and the leadership program offered by St. Louis Community College has provided participants with the necessary skills to move forward,” stated Grayling Tobias, Ed.D., Superintendent for Hazelwood School District (HSD).

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when employees are empowered to work seamlessly together across functional lines. We’re seeing that first hand with our new Emerging Leaders Program,” stated Robert M. Parish, President and CEO, Jarden Team Sports.

The training and education provided via the Workforce Solutions program proved to be extremely beneficial to our group of aspiring leaders. Not only did we gain a solid understanding of the various areas of our business and workplace in general, we were able to put our knowledge into practice thereby creating a truly unique learning experience.” Lindsey Naber – Emerging Leader and Mentee, Senior Marketing Manager, Key Accounts.

Strategic Talent Development Consulting Services

Many of the individuals hired through the assessment process have become star performers for the organization,” notes Dave Cain, Director of Operations, ABB. He goes on to say, “We are hiring smarter people who are more ready to do the job. When I look back, I think that we have let maybe one person go that passed the assessment process because of poor performance.” John Edwards, Director of Human Resources for ABB, concurs. “Turnover is way down and we continue to get high quality individuals into our open positions. It is clear that ABB considers the positive effects well worth the investment.” (ABB contracted with the Workforce Solutions Group for assistance in developing a structured hiring process for finding top talent).

Technical Training & Consulting Services

Procter & Gamble has worked in conjunction with STLCC to develop an Electrical and Instrumentation Training Program (E&I Blitz) that is unique and geared toward the technical challenges at the St. Louis Plant. Strict design and teaching standards with critique follow-up were developed to insure a high rate of success and quality instruction. This program maximizes the blending of technical training with practical experience so students are capable of providing shift coverage within a relatively short period after graduating. This demonstrates how business and local educational institutions can work together to develop a truly successful program,” stated Lonnie Koeltzow, Power Controls & Information Systems Leader, Procter & Gamble, St. Louis.

This local STLCC PLC course is 100 times better than Vendor training classes I have attended.” (Feedback comment was made by a Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc. Maintenance employees who participated in onsite, customized training in Introductory ControlLogix PLC).

Meeting & Event Services @ the Corporate College

Corporate College is like having our own training facility!” Joe Ray, McDonald’s Corporation.

Great venue and helpful staff, who went out of their way to help create a perfect day of learning for our attendees, thanks for all your help! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the venue and will definitely be back.” Ben Smith, Principal, Social: IRL.

ACT WorkKeys Assessment Services

The WorkKeys program has helped our organization hire and maintain a higher quality of employee. It has helped make us fully aware of the skills of the applicants interviewing for positions within our organization,” stated Sara Hagan, Human Resources Coordinator, Luxco Inc.

Accelerated Job Training Programs

While attending this program, I encountered several people enrolled in various classes who had been sent by their employers to obtain additional training. It is obvious that these skills are in demand, and by having them at the start, I will have an advantage over less skilled workers,” stated Bradley Lohrum, a graduate of the Brownfield Environmental Technician accelerated job training program.

We value our relationship with St. Louis Community College and will continue to look to the college for learning opportunities in degree and certificate programs that will benefit our patients, BJC employees, our organization and our community. One example of further collaboration is our new medical coding program we are developing with the college. We have been pleased with the responsiveness of St. Louis Community College and the quality of the instructors assigned to our students. The success with our allied health partnership through the college has given us the opportunity to expand our relationship in this vital area of our business,” stated JoAnn Shaw, Vice President and Chief Learning Office, BJC.

Continuing Education

When it came to my business, Robin Boyce made me realize that I was not just selling T-shirts, but giving an identity to my customers and demographics. She also helped me understand ways to promote the business without going broke in the process. By using press releases, self-promotions and trying to get advertisement on the webpage, I will ensure my business is making money. I wanted to say thank you for a great class and hopefully the information I’ve learned will help me become successful.” Emma J., Glendale Advertising, Marketing and PR on a Dime.

Barbara Hughes is quite experienced in volunteer management and brought that experience, combined with her other management/people skills and teaching, to the table, which made the class quite valuable.” Cathy W., St. Louis.

Cris Heffernan is great! I learned things in the Microsoft Word 2010: Business Basics class that I didn’t know and needed to know. The class was interesting, fun and totally helpful!” Marjorie R., Maryland Heights.

I’ve taken several courses with Rachel Bufalo. She is always well prepared and organized and I have always learned a lot more than I expected.” Joan L., Concord.