Workforce Development News – July 6, 2021

By on July 6, 2021
Business Should Be Booming — If Only There Were Enough Workers For The Job

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U.S. Workers Are Quitting Jobs at Historic Rates, and Many Unemployed Are Not Coming Back Despite Record Job Openings

“The biggest uncertainty remains whether and when the entire gap can be filled or if the economy will fall short because the last jobs are the hardest to find, some workers will have withdrawn from the labor force entirely due to early retirement and other factors, and businesses may end up with higher productivity and fewer workers.”

U.S. Restaurant Sales Are Back to Pre-pandemic Levels, So Why Isn’t Restaurant Employment?

“Employment in the sector is still down 12% compared to pre-pandemic levels. There may be a permanently lower number of workers available to restaurants as workers who left the industry during the pandemic decide to move on to greener pastures.”

Financial Outcomes by Race during COVID-19

“Pandemic-based financial need was not evenly distributed by race. Financial supports enabled families to continue their everyday spending, particularly for Black families. Black and Latinx families’ balances depleted faster than White families’, signaling the criticality, but also temporary nature, of those supports.”

The Labor Market May Be Tighter than the Level of Employment Suggests

“Many Former Employees Are Unwilling to Return to Their Previous Positions.”

Business Should Be Booming — If Only There Were Enough Workers For The Job

“Overall payroll employment is still 6.8 million below its pre-pandemic level.”

Register Now for the 2021 State of the St. Louis Workforce Event

“Now in its 13th year, the State of the St. Louis Workforce report and event explore the trends and challenges impacting our region’s employers and workforce. This year’s offering will examine ‘Equitable Recovery, Equitable Opportunity, Equitable Growth’ and will focus on aspects of the recently released STL 2030 Jobs Plan, including the definition of ‘quality jobs,’ building the pipeline to equitable opportunity, the workforce of the future and the role employers, institutions and individuals can play in helping our region become a talent engine and magnet for workers living in St. Louis.”
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Occupational and Employment Wages (OEWS) Dashboard

“Employment and wage estimates for over 800 occupations in Missouri, as well as sub-state areas.”

Employer Use of Hiring Incentives Grows

“The share of job postings advertising hiring incentives, such as signing bonuses, retention bonuses, and cash incentives, has doubled since last July. Job searches for hiring incentives have jumped 134% since the beginning of the year.”

The 3 Simple Rules That Underscore the Danger of Delta

“Vaccines are still beating the variants, but the unvaccinated world is being pummeled.”

How to Track Where the Delta Variant is Spreading Fastest in the U.S.

“Wyoming, Missouri, Iowa not vaccinating enough.”
CDC Variant Tracker:

COVID-19 Was Always Going To Be A Struggle For The CDC

“We grappled with uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic — and in important ways, we lost.”

Why You May Actually Want to Go Back to the Office

“Three ways in-person work can make your life easier.”

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