Workforce Development News – July 12, 2021

By on July 12, 2021
Signs Point to Tight Labor Market

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The COVID-19 Unemployed

“How many unemployed Americans are actively seeking work? How many plan to return to work this summer… this year… ever? And for those unemployed Americans who are seeking work right now, what barriers stand in the way?”

It’s Time for Leaders to Get Real About Hybrid

“Employers are ready to get back to significant in-person presence. Employees aren’t. The disconnect is deeper than most employers believe, and a spike in attrition and disengagement may be imminent.”

Despite June’s Positive Jobs Numbers, Black Workers Continue to Face High Unemployment

“The number of people who are not in the labor force but who currently want a job is at 6.4 million—up by 1.4 million since February 2020.”

Pace of U.S. Job Growth Picks Up As Signs Point to Tight Labor Market

“What is the relative pace of demand and supply improvements in the labor market, an issue that will affect the pace of nominal wage growth and price growth and will the economy be able to close the full 9 million jobs gap quickly or will the last few million jobs be more difficult because some people have permanently left the labor force as a result of the pandemic?”

How Much Slack Is Left in the Labor Market?

“While overall employment in June remained 7.1 million jobs below the February 2020 level, almost all of the labor market slack created by COVID-19 had already been absorbed. The remaining slack is likely to be absorbed by the end of summer.”

Why Does It Cost So Much to Build Transportation in America?

“The problem is fundamentally that the U.S. is getting very little for what it builds. And often, we’re just paying for wealthy individuals to exert their preferences over everyone else.”

Anxiety, Depression Persist for Some Despite Waning Pandemic

“Adults who are young, have household incomes below $75,000, or have some college but no degree are still experiencing elevated anxiety and depression.”

Older Millennials Experience Pandemic Hardships Unequally

“Older nonwhite millennials and older millennials who lack a four-year college degree have clearly borne disproportionate levels of financial distress during the pandemic. A lack of emergency savings likely played a role.”

Twice as Many U.S. Renters Fell Behind on Payments During the Pandemic

“The nationwide total rent debt is upward of $20 billion, with more than 5.8 million renters, or 14%, in arrears.”

In June, 6.2 Million Unable to Work Because Employer Closed or Lost Business Due to the Pandemic

“575,000 were age 16 to 24, 3.7 million were age 25 to 54, and 1.9 million were 55 years and over. This is down from 7.9 million in May 2021 and from 49.8 million in May 2020.”

Strict Social Distancing in the U.S. Dwindles to 18%

“5% are completely and 13% mostly isolating themselves from nonhousehold members. Majority report that their socializing is completely back to normal. Entertainment and travel suffering most in people’s reports of normalcy.”

If You’re Going to Raise Prices, Tell Customers Why

“A research-backed approach to communicating the change.”

Brave people don’t live forever, but cautious people don’t live at all.” – Richard Branson

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