Workforce Development News – May 4, 2020

By on May 4, 2020
Reopening the U.S.

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Reopening the U.S.: Gauging the Trend of COVID-19 Transmissions

“None of the counties that produce 90% of U.S. GDP currently meet the White House guidelines to reopen.”

Nearly 20 Percent Of The U.S. Labor Force Has Filed For Unemployment Since Mid-March

“Now in its seventh week, the U.S. unemployment crisis continues to deepen.”

Education Is Critical for Jobseekers During A Downturn – and Industry Certifications Will Get The Job Done

“Those unemployed or struggling to hang on to a job are finding a way forward not just with diplomas, but with industry certifications, which can be acquired in a short time with less financial burden and can lead quickly to good jobs.”

PPP Forgivable Loans Will be Unforgiving for Many

“Business who don’t bring back their entire workforce will have their eligible forgiveness amount reduced.”

The Confusion Is Real: 5 Tips for PPP Loan Forgiveness

“There are helpful approaches, despite the unknowns.”

14% With Likely COVID-19 to Avoid Care Due to Cost

“Cost would discourage millions from seeking care for suspected COVID-19 putting others at risk. About 15 million have already been denied care for themselves or a spouse.”

One-Third of Manufacturing Workers Have Limited Digital Skills

“16% of currently employed American manufacturing workers have no digital skills, and an additional 19% have very limited skills. Just 29% have the advanced skills necessary to be most adaptable to changing technology.”

Our Employment System Has Failed Low-wage Workers

“Fifty-three million Americans, 44 percent of the labor force, earn low wages. Workers who earn low wages and do not have employer-sponsored health care account for 22 percent or 32 million of the country’s workforce. And nearly 40 percent of them, 12.3 million individuals, work in the hospitality and retail sectors, the two sectors most immediately impacted by COVID-19-related layoffs.”

Americans Differ Greatly in Readiness to Return to Normal

“About one in five (21%) are ready to return to normal right now; 36% say they would return to their activities once the number of new cases of coronavirus in their state declines significantly; 31% say they would return to normal life once there are no new cases in their state; and 12% say they will return to their day-to-day activities once a vaccine has been developed.”

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Your Job Security During the Pandemic (and Beyond)

“There are steps you can take to prove your worth, help you keep the job you have, and thrive even during difficult periods.”

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John R. Wooden

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