Workforce Development News – May 11, 2020

By on May 11, 2020
Coronavirus Testing Still Falls Short

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To Emerge Stronger from The COVID-19 Crisis, Companies Should Start Reskilling Their Workforces Now

“Adapting employees’ skills and roles to the post-pandemic ways of working will be crucial to building operating-model resilience.”

The Terrible Jobs Report Gets Worse The More You Read It

“Overall job losses were more spread out than they were last month, signaling that the effects of the shutdown are already rippling into other industries. Here’s more info to help you understand just how bad these numbers are, and what they mean for how the recession could play out.”

How COVID-19 Affected the Labor Market in April

“One-third of adults in the U.S. labor force have been laid off or have seen reduced hours because of COVID-19. That amounts to an estimated 54 million U.S. workers.”

Making Sense of The Monthly Jobs Report During The COVID-19 Pandemic

“How is this data collected and how do you interpret what it means?”

The State of Employment in Pandemic America, in 6 Charts

“One in five American workers has filed for unemployment. Those still working have seen reduced hours. Job listings are down 40 percent from last year. Job hiring is down across industries.”

Labor Demand in the Time of COVID-19

“Economists find that the timing of stay at home orders didn’t affect the drop in the jobmarket. And the damage to the economy is unlikely to be undone simply by lifting stay-at-home orders.”

Layoffs Start Turning From Temporary to Permanent Across America

“Even as they hope for a speedy recovery, companies plan for a slow one.”

U.S. Coronavirus Testing Still Falls Short

“What benchmark should states try to hit? How’s Your State Doing?”

Americans Didn’t Wait For Their Governors To Tell Them To Stay Home Because Of COVID-19

“In every state, people started staying at home before stay-at-home orders were issued.”

We Can’t Recover from A Coronavirus Recession Without Helping Young Workers

“Nearly half of low-wage young adults without a college degree work in sectors immediately impacted by COVID-19.”

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and security.” – Jodi Rell

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