Workforce Development News – June 8, 2020

By on June 8, 2020
Black Americans Face Higher COVID-19 Risks

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The 10 Commitments Companies Must Make to Advance Racial Justice

“Major corporations have been voicing their support for racial justice in the United States. But we are way past the point when words alone suffice. Actions are needed.”

May’s Jobs Report Brought Good News — But Not For Everyone

“It’s low-wage workers, workers of color and female workers who are continuing to bear the brunt of the job losses.”

Losing Sight of Workers in Protecting Paychecks

“It will take months if not years to see how many small business workers ended up getting paid as a result of PPP and how many slipped through the growing cracks of this program.”

10 Things We Know About Race and Policing in The U.S.

“Majorities of both black and white Americans say black people are treated less fairly than whites in dealing with the police and by the criminal justice system as a whole.”

Use COVID-19 Downtime to Upskill for Digital

“Seven techniques to harness agile learning techniques to reskill and upskill employees for digital transformation.”

Americans Still Social Distancing, but Intensity Is Evolving

“No reduction in avoiding public places or traveling in recent weeks. Fewer are avoiding small gatherings, such as with friends and family. Almost three in 10 ready to get back to normal right away.”

Black Americans Face Higher COVID-19 Risks, Are More Hesitant to Trust Medical Scientists, Get Vaccinated

“In Missouri, blacks account for 12% of the population but 37% of deaths. In eight states overall, the black share of coronavirus deaths is at least twice as high as the black share of the population.”

How People and Companies Feel About Working Remotely

“It’s no secret that people value freedom of choice. A whopping 98% of people would like to have the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers. Aside from working in sweatpants, what are the things people like about working from home?”

Interview Questions in a Post-COVID Pandemic World

“The world has changed and so have the interview questions.”

11 Anti-Racist Actions You Can Take at Work—Today and Every Day

“Make a concerted effort to help and understand others.”

Merely not being racist is insufficient. We must commit to being actively anti-racist — to listen, to learn, and to act.” – Nick Francis

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