Workforce Development News – July 6, 2020

By on July 6, 2020
Office Reentry Plans Must Account for Medically Vulnerable Employees

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Tracking the COVID-19 Economic Devastation

“The economic devastation resulting from the pandemic is far from over, and the recession is just beginning to be understood.”

Tracking COVID-19 Unemployment and Job Losses

“Workers across the country have been devastated by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. After business closures and other restrictions began in March, unemployment began to rise sharply, peaking in April before starting to fall slowly. Cumulative job losses reached 23 million in May.”

The Unemployment Rate Is Falling, But More People Are Losing Their Jobs Permanently

“As more job losses become permanent, this recession will look more and more like an ordinary recession, where in recent history the recovery has been a slow slog. That means the hopes of a quick recovery will be slimmer and slimmer.”

Assessment of U.S. COVID-19 Situation Increasingly Bleak

“65% say the situation is getting worse. Sharp increase in those expecting situation to persist through 2020 or longer. More Americans are worried about getting the disease.”

Hiring Surged In June. Employers Added 4.8 Million Jobs Before New Spike In Infections

“The Labor Department report reflects conditions from the middle of June. The COVID-19 outbreak has since been accelerating in many states, which could put the brakes on the nascent economic recovery.”

Unemployment Rate is Higher than Officially Recorded, More So for Women and Certain Other Groups

Many workers not at work due to COVID-19-related business closures were classified as “employed but absent from work” instead of “unemployed on temporary layoff.”

New Normal: How Far is Safe Enough?

“Among the many ways COVID-19 has reshaped our lives, one of its most enduring effects may be changes to the way we use and move through public spaces. Parks, restaurants, theatres and more all pose hazards for virus transmission, and governments are setting out new restrictions to make these places safer.”

Office Reentry Plans Must Account for Medically Vulnerable Employees

“Establish a process for fielding questions and concerns. Support their ability to continue working from home. Make sure they feel included on the team. Provide training for managers.”

7 Steps for Safer Factory Automation

“New technology means new types of risk.”

The Digital Divide and the Pandemic: Working from Home and Broadband and Internet Access

“The lack of broadband and internet access in many communities was a problem that existed before the COVID-19 pandemic. The deficit will continue to exacerbate the digital divide and the nation’s ability to have an inclusive economic recovery in the emerging work-from-home environment.”

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