New Academic Readiness Program Provides a Free, Fast Jump Start to College

By on January 30, 2020
Students build their knowledge through small group work.

St. Louis Community College (STLCC) has just announced the launch of the Longbow Academic Readiness Accelerator, a new program that offers adult learners a smart, no-cost way to jump start their journey into college and beyond.

Longbow is uniquely designed to help students quickly improve their college course placements or ACT WorkKeys® test scores in four to 16 weeks so they can focus time, tuition and Pell grant dollars on classes that really count toward their career goals.

“We want our students to reach their career goals as quickly and effectively as possible, equipped with a world-class, affordable education,” said Hart Nelson, associate vice chancellor, STLCC Workforce Solutions Group. “This program potentially shaves multiple semesters and significant tuition dollars off a student’s course plan and can even open up accelerated job training opportunities that were previously out of reach.”

The program currently resides at the STLCC–Florissant Valley campus, and offers students individualized instructor attention or the ability to work in small groups in a comfortable lab setting where they can move through the materials at a pace that works best for them.

“Students enter our programs with varying levels of skill and knowledge, and many students need a different kind of option that allows them to move through coursework at a pace they might not find in a traditional classroom,” said Dr. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins, campus president, STLCC–Florissant Valley. “For some students that means moving quickly, while others may need more time in a classroom to prepare for college-level work. Longbow supports both scenarios and helps students understand how the College can support their future goals while they learn for free!”

The Longbow name is a nod to the program’s ability to serve as a launching point for students who aim to reach new heights and travel further in college and career.

“In addition to specific test preparation assistance, Longbow students can receive help with test-taking strategies, general study skills, note taking and time management,” said Longbow supervisor, Mat Favre.

STLCC advisors and Longbow staff are available to guide students quickly into their chosen coursework. Our goal is to enable quick, successful program completion and transition into the next stage of their college or career training experience.”

Regardless of where they are headed after Longbow, all students who complete the program walk away with the nationally recognized WorkKeys certification.

To learn more or apply to the Longbow program, visit

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Lysa Young-Bates is Marketing Communications Manager of St. Louis Community College’s Workforce Solutions Group, which delivers non-credit continuing education opportunities, corporate training and community services to the St. Louis region.

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