Starting and Managing a Small Business Could Help Your Future

By on January 3, 2019
Starting and Managing a Small Business

Small businesses make up more than half a million of the businesses in Missouri, and employ 33 to 52 percent of people in the St. Louis region according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). As a small business instructor at St. Louis Community College, Lynette Watson knows sustainable small businesses can create jobs and tax revenue. STLCC helps individuals advance careers and bring dreams to fruition through Continuing Education’s Starting and Managing a Small Business course among others.

Watson highly encourages anyone considering starting a small business to educate themselves beforehand in order to increase the chances of staying afloat. “It makes a difference if you make the time to plan, learn from those who’ve gone before you and ask questions,” she said.

The class covers several important topics, including business formation in the state of Missouri, successful start-up marketing objectives (market research and elevator pitches), financial statements and all things legal (trademarking and registration). Watson partners with an attorney at least three times per year to teach the essentials of starting a business.

As the owner of her own small business and a teacher of small business for 15 years, Watson has seen the successful outcomes of planning ahead. “This class is for anyone wanting to start a small business or thinking about starting a small business,” she said. Although most students have a bachelor’s degree, she doesn’t want this to deter students from the possibilities. Watson explains that some of her students come from a construction or home health background and want to start their own service firms.

Entrepreneurs of any type find the class helpful. Many students in the class range from 25 to 55 years old with various products or services to sell, but all are ready to work. “I really like the people I meet with. They’re serious. I enjoy the target audience that STLCC brings,” Watson explained. To keep everyone’s attention, she keeps the class light and entertaining with hands-on work and examples, leaving them with resources to use after the class ends.

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