Restaurant Management Courses Prepare Students for STLCC-Proctored ServSafe Exam

By on February 1, 2019
ServSafe Food Safety Certification

Restaurants and food service industries spend years building up reputations – which makes it more pertinent to keep them up. Any mishandled food can instantly break even the most beloved restaurant’s reputation. In order to prevent mishaps and to protect public health, both St. Louis City and county require that at least one person in every food service facility be certified in food safety.

ServSafe®, a nationally recognized exam that certifies industry workers to work in food service operations, is recognized by both city and county health departments. St. Louis Community College offers a ServSafe® Food Safety Certification course that dedicates one day to reviewing the material on the ServSafe® exam, with the proctored exam delivered to students at the following class.

Food can be contaminated before it ever reaches a kitchen, but occasionally it’s the fault of those who handled it. According to the Center for Disease Control, one out of every six Americans contracted some type of food borne illness in 2011. Of those, 128,000 were hospitalized, and 3,000 died from their illness. Properly handled food makes the difference in someone’s life and is easily preventable.

The exam covers topics such as employee hygiene and health, storage, transport, food prep, display and service. STLCC’s two-session class is guided by an expert instructor for personalized learning and exam preparation.

For those who have not successfully passed a recent ServSafe® exam or who only require a proctored exam, the College also offers a one-session review and re-test. While this course doesn’t dive as deeply into content as the two-session course, it does offer students an opportunity to ask brief questions prior to taking the exam. Find more information on both courses at

ServSafe® is a registered trademark of the National Restaurant Association.

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