Phlebotomy at STLCC Opens Health Care Career Opportunities

By on January 30, 2019

Nothing satisfies JoAnn Devine more than when her students in phlebotomy class work up to sticking each other with needles. As odd as the scenario sounds, it’s a vital real-world aspect of training. Phlebotomists carry an important role in healthcare: drawing blood and connecting patients to IV fluids. The class starts with hands-on instruction from day two and ensures that all students get the one-on-one education they need.

The phlebotomy class at St. Louis Community College covers communication skills, basic anatomy, specimen processing and both lab and practical experience of blood drawing techniques. The eight-week course involves clinical training at St. Louis area hospitals in addition to hands-on classroom experience. “It’s a good opportunity for all because it pays well and they can get certified with ASCP,” Devine says.

Devine worked in the phlebotomy field as a lab manager, technician and supervisor for 40 years before joining STLCC to teach for the past five years. “I love teaching a skill to students looking for a profession,” she said. “I can almost teach it blind.”

Devine explains that students can set themselves up for a career. She stresses the class as a professional opportunity, and following the course, students can make at least $10 an hour in entry-level positions, working up to $25 an hour. “I think the profession itself is highly recognized now for what it involves,” Devine said. “There’s a lot of implications with how to stick properly, which tubes to use and how to manipulate them.”

The course gets young folks to work right out of high school or provides others a chance for a career change. Devine explains that there’s a lot of room to advance laterally by training, supervising or moving on to the histology field. Most graduates find work in hospitals after the program. “It really gives students a vote of confidence when they stick each other,” Devine said. “It’s a change for them and gives them an opportunity in life.”

The opportunity to test for certification sets the program apart from its competition. At the end of the course, students are prepared to test for the ASCP Exam (American Society for Clinical Pathology), which can give students a leg up when applying for jobs. The College works hard to ensure the course teaches important information over a realistic time period for an affordable price. “It’s a dynamite opportunity,” Devine says. The eight-week course is available to anyone ages 18 and up. Find more information on the phlebotomy program at

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