Meet Tiffany Davis, STLCC’s New Workforce and Talent Development Director

By on September 24, 2019
STLCC workforce and talent development director Tiffany Davis

STLCC’s new workforce and talent development director, Tiffany Davis, shares a bit about her passion for workforce development, what attracted her to a new role in a new city, and how she used to entertain her way through tough Baltimore-area traffic.

Tiffany Davis has a heart for helping people and organizations realize their fullest potential. In her 13-year workforce development and training career, Tiffany Davis has trained, empowered and equipped numerous non-profit professionals, government officials and future leaders. In addition, she has 11 years of program management experience, designing and executing strategic initiatives that elevate businesses and build relationships.

She has spent a great deal of time volunteering with organizations that assist citizens eager to reenter the workforce and has worked closely with many diverse groups in both the public and private sector. She is deeply passionate about working with underserved populations such as young adults, justice-involved individuals, and the under- or unemployed.

Davis believes that with the right tools, training and support, anyone can have a successful and meaningful career path. Her professional experience and values make her perfectly suited for her new role as workforce and talent development director, and the STLCC team is thrilled to have her on board!

Get to Know Tiffany Davis, STLCC’s New Workforce and Talent Development Director

What attracted you to STLCC?

I was looking to relocate to the St. Louis area because of the many wonderful similarities that the region has to the Baltimore metro area, where I’m from. As a workforce development professional, I was attracted to STLCC after reading the 2017 and 2018 State of the St. Louis Workforce Reports. Those reports not only spoke to the College’s influence on the region, but also the professionalism here. I was excited to see this position become available shortly after I read the reports because I was looking to move into an academic institution that was making an impact on the workforce. The timing could not have been better.

What are your goals for the business unit going forward?

My goals are for STLCC’s Workforce Solutions Group to stay ahead of workforce and labor market trends and to become a regional (and dare I say, national) leader by using innovative ways to fill gaps in the labor market. I’d like us to be known for training programs that produce the very best skilled workers and to be the first organization to come to someone’s mind when they are looking for training themselves or within their organization.

I’d like to help create more pathways to careers that people can be proud of and that they enjoy. People need to be happy and fulfilled while taking care of themselves and their families.

Whether we are training community members to become a part of the workforce in a new area that needs more skilled workers, or training industry leaders to improve their processes and increase productivity, I want us to make an impact.

What has your experience been like relocating to St. Louis? Do you have any favorite discoveries so far?

So far, everything has been easy to navigate and most people have been super helpful. I love where I live and it doesn’t take me long to get most places since traffic here is so much better than in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia area).

I’ve also had way too much Mission Taco and Hot Box Cookies so far! I’ve loved the Soulard Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, going inside the Arch (who knew?), and that the express lane on 70 East is free. I ran into and enjoyed the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton last weekend (while leaving Hot Box, don’t laugh!). I’m looking forward to discovering and enjoying even more in the city.

Can you share a couple of interesting things about yourself?

I used to have a 21-mile, 1-1.25-hour, one-way commute in the DMV area, so I had time to listen to books or put on a car concert (with complicated upper body choreography) for myself on my way to work. That is no longer the case since I’ve moved to St. Louis and traffic here is comparatively nonexistent.

Other than moving halfway across the country, I’ve traveled to 5 out of 7 continents. I don’t have plans to go to Antarctica, because…why?

I own lots of prescription glasses (people often think they’re novelty frames). I have them in most colors and prints. I’ve been known to wear a different pair every day for a few weeks.

I also love reading, baking and all things fall.

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