Lean Six Sigma Green Belts Prove Their Importance in The Workplace

By on January 2, 2019
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Earning a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt improved Matt Hale’s performance in the work place and boosted his résumé. When he was looking for quality control experience he considered other programs around St. Louis before landing on St. Louis Community College. “I looked at several different avenues for taking similar certifications, whether it be online or through personal teaching like this and based off what I’ve seen, I made the right choice,” he said.

Lean Six Sigma teaches problem-solving skills to effectively and easily complete projects. Most students, including Hale, never realized how much the program would help. “Waste is a huge issue, whether it be time or materials or any number of things that I didn’t pay attention to prior to taking this class,” Hale said. “I’ve learned ways to analyze processes to validate that there is waste and then look for ways to eliminate it.”

The program details how to improve work flow and optimize processes, run improvement projects and deploy Six Sigma to reduce variation. Crystal Scott, who worked previously for Express Scripts, said that the class advanced her future in a corporate setting. “You’re going through the process and can actually see these steps are to cut out the fat and make processes easier, everyone can go through the class to see why these things are being done,” Scott said.

The class uses a hybrid method of both in-class and online modules to teach Lean principles. Students have a chance to work together and talk through the online modules, each bringing in different life experiences. “I’m not a computer-driven individual. I need that human interaction and I definitely got that here,” Hale said. The course includes an 18-hour capstone simulation project, allowing students to apply their learning toward a real-world project.

Members of a quality team, a quality manager, or anyone with a desire to obtain a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for professional development would benefit from the course. The next class starts in February, and registration opens January 7. To register or find more information, please visit stlcc.edu/ce or call 314-984-7777.

Hale received his associate degree from STLCC 25 years ago and it was one of the first places he considered for his green belt. “For the value I got for my education this time around as well as 25 years ago, you can’t beat it,” he said.

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