Meet Dawon Gore, Truck Driving CDL-B Graduate and U.S Army Veteran

By on May 30, 2018
Dawon Gore, Truck Driving CDL-B Graduate and U.S Army Veteran

Dawon, a U.S. Army veteran, exited the military in 1988 and became a letter carrier before a career in law enforcement. After 18 years as a police officer, Dawon needed a break. He thought of his 6 year old daughter and knew he needed a change. “I wanted to move away from shift work and put my family first.” He knew a career in truck driving paid well, but hesitated due to uncertainty of the travel demands. Dawon’s break lasted four years. Finally, he came across St. Louis Community College’s Professional Truck Driving Program, attended an information session, and met Bahi Talundzic, the Career Pathway Coach. Bahi took the time Dawon needed to help him make the decision to pursue the CDL-B license.

Dawon came to the STLCC Truck Driving Training Program feeling pretty confident, but had a fear of downshifting. “Seth (instructor) identified my fear and worked through it with me. Seth played a paramount role in my success.” Dawon now works for Raineri Construction driving a cement mixer. “I will be earning union wages in only 45 days. I have two more weeks to go. I’ll be earning a wage that can support my family.”

St. Louis Community College has several employer partners that will reimburse a graduate for the cost of the training program. Rene Dulle, program manager, explains, “We work closely with employers and therefore can provide information about salary and the realities of life on the job to anyone interested in pursuing this career. We want to be sure truck driving is right for you. Professional truck driving jobs with livable wages are plentiful, and graduates do not have any problem finding employment.” That being said, upfront cost of training can be expensive. Periodically, STLCC has grants or employer scholarships that provide for low or no cost training. Dawon was able to take advantage of a DOT grant that paid for his training to get a CDL-B.

St. Louis Community College cares about the success of each and every student. Call 314-984-7777 today to get registered for a free information session and find out if a career in trucking, with average entry level salary ranging from $40,000-$60,000 is for you.

Dawon Gore, Truck Driving CDL-B Graduate

About Rene Dulle

Rene Dulle is a Senior Program Manager for St. Louis Community College - Workforce Solutions Group. Her expertise includes collaborating with community partners and leveraging grant opportunities to develop workforce training programs leading to careers with livable wages. She has managed a variety of educational programs with a focus on the transportation industry, renewable energy, and environmental sustainability. Rene holds a B.S. in Environmental Science, specializing in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, from Oregon State University, and a MBA from Saint Louis University. She currently serves on the OneSTL regional initiative to reduce energy and emissions.

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