Manufacturers: Celebrate National Manufacturing Day with St. Louis Community College

By on August 31, 2017
Manufacturers: Celebrate National Manufacturing Day with St. Louis Community College

National Manufacturing Day is a critical opportunity for your company and here is why St. Louis Community College would like to work together to make October 6, 2017 a local success.

Manufacturers report they are facing a wave of retirements and a shortage of skilled workers available for hire. Meanwhile, high school students report that by far the largest influence on their career choices is their own interest and experience ( This report shows that young people are not going to be attracted to careers in manufacturing if we do not work together to give them exposure to the fascinating world of modern manufacturing.

We will host a manufacturing expo on the Florissant Valley campus Friday, October 6, 2017.

Here are the ways we hope St. Louis manufacturers will get involved:

  • Have an exhibit table to showcase not only your end products, but the steps along the way and the variety of talents and occupations your company values.
  • Host a tour of your facility! This is not as big an ask as you imagine. We are requesting a 30 to 60 minute tour/presentation at your facility at a specific time of your choosing on the morning or afternoon (or both) of October 6. You do not have to show students any part of your facility that you feel is too risky or too proprietary. You can tell us a limit on how many you can accommodate and we will schedule a high school group that meets that limit.
  • Donations! Some school districts are requesting help with transportation costs. Also, we would like to have drinks and snacks available at the expo as teenagers are always hungry. Monetary donations can be made to the St. Louis Community College Foundation and dedicated to use for this event. We would like for every person to leave with souvenirs of the day. T-shirts? Samples? Promotional items?
  • Participate in planning this event. We welcome any interested industry personnel to join monthly planning meetings. You have perspectives, resources and talents that we do not.

Please help us reach out to the future of manufacturing!

Please contact: Amy Sonderman, Coordinator, Emerson Center for Engineering & Manufacturing
email or call 314-513-4307

About Becky Epps

Becky Epps serves as Project Manager, St. Louis Aerospace Institute and Technical Training for the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. Mrs. Epps has 12 years of experience in business and industry training. This includes experience with several local premier businesses including Boeing, Chrysler, Rawlings, Ford, ABB, Inc. and Essex Manufacturing. She provides leadership and direct oversight for the St. Louis Aerospace Institute. She also manages Workforce Solutions’ Technical Training unit, including Automated Controls, Industrial Maintenance Training and Safety Training and Consulting. Mrs. Epps holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Service Agencies–Management from Lindenwood University.

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