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By on January 13, 2016
Pathway to Careers Interview on Sparkman Job Talk Sparkman Job Talk

This interview on Sparkman Job Talk provided an awesome opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of our accelerated training programs through St. Louis Community College’s Workforce Solutions Group, specifically at the MET Center in Wellston, with a future opportunity to return and address other programs available through the Workforce Solution Group. We have received several calls and emails from the show, wanting to know what’s needed for them to be part of the training.

You can visit our website to find out about the MET Center and the accelerated training programs available through the Workforce Solutions Group.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview on the programs at the MET Center:

  • St. Louis Community College Workforce Solutions truly offers answers for the low income, underserved and unemployed population by meeting their employment and training needs.
  • There are no costs for STLCC classes at the MET Center due to partnering with various funding sources throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area.
  • Our employer partners speak to the significant gap in perception of those job applicants who believe they have good soft skills and those who actually do. The programs at the MET Center are designed to ensure our graduates have those invaluable soft skills that employers actively seek – such as:
    • Interpersonal skills (how to get along with peers, supervisors and of course how to treat customers – the thank you – the smile – the how can I help you)
    • Attitude (we choose our attitude every day, just as we choose what clothes to wear – why not walk away with a positive attitude)
    • Importance of attendance (show up on time at work and return from lunch and breaks on time)
    • Communication skills (active listening, being ready to project yourself at interviews)
    • Work ethics (coming to work to work and get the job done)
    • How to deal with difficult customers and people
  • Most training programs may offer specific training skills, but fall short on these critical soft skills.

Pathways To Careers with St. Louis Community College from Sparkman Job Talk on Vimeo.


In the interview we discussed specific programs at the MET Center:

BOAT (Business Office Administrative Training)

  • Microsoft Certifications incorporated in the program:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Technology meets the business side with essential soft skills in management principles, which are designed to meet every employer’s expectations or needs.
  • Find out more on the next training session.

Project Xcel (aging out of the Foster Care System – ages 17-21)

  • Certifications incorporated in the program:
    • NRF (National Retail Federation) Customer Service & Sales
    • NCRC+ (National Career Readiness Certification)
    • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification
  • Invaluable training and customer service skill building.
  • Majority of students are now employed and remain very much employable.

CSI (Customer Service Institute)

  • New customer service program to begin March 28, 2016.
  • Designed to address employer’s growing need for employees with great customer service skills.
    • NRF (National Retail Federation) Customer Service & Sales Certification – provides validation and creditability to the trained professionals skills and knowledge of a variety of customer service concepts
    • NCRC+ (National Career Readiness Certification)
    • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification
  • Find out more.

About Karin Fowler

Karin is the Senior Program Manager and Customer Service Business Practice Leader at St. Louis Community College, Workforce Solutions Group (WSG) Division, where she manages the Metropolitan Education Training (MET) Center. She manages and develops workshops in Customer Service, Career Development, Resume Writing, Interviewing and Leadership skills. She has been a Customer Service Business Practice Leader and Facilitator with the Workforce Solutions Group since July 1999. Karin has extensive experience in the areas of customer service development, training and delivery. In addition, she also manages on-site contracts to develop and deliver training for displaced and adult workers for coaching and career strategies. Karin consistently receives high praise on course evaluations with such comments as - “Karin’s inner personal attitude makes you want to be better,” “Helped me take a look at myself and helped me with better customer service; “Kept the audience involved” and “Karin re-integrated main points as examples during our group discussions and activities.”

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