The Value of Your Employees

By on June 22, 2016
Value of Your Employees

Would you like your organization to be a great place to work for and a great place to do business with? Organizations that achieve greatness, work hard at it. They create the kind of environment internally and externally when people, customers and employees are treated as treasured assets.

If you’d like to create a culture that’s conscience, competent and caring you’re in the right place this morning.

One crucial fact I’ve learned, there is no way that the quality of customer service care can exceed the quality of the people who provide it. Do you think you can get high quality customer service by paying your employees the lowest wages, giving the fewest benefits, and conducting the least amount training? It will show because companies don’t help customers … people do! Remember that your people will treat customers the way they are being treated. How your employees think of customers is exactly how they will treat the customer. Think about the value of your staff, and how to keep them happy!

Happiness in business, you may be saying to yourself, oh that’s the soft stuff that adds hard bankable bottom-line results.

In customer service, we spend a lot of time on two specific types of relationships, the first is external relationships – those outside your company, customers, suppliers, vendors, community, etc. and the second, Internal Relationships – your co-workers, boss, employees, the guy who sits right next to you. But there is a third, Inner Relationships. This is the relationship, where we have given little attention in business, until now. That’s the relationship you have with yourself. The relationship you have with your work. That’s the relationship that determines whether or not you jump out of bed in the morning and say “yes” or drag yourself into work, counting the days to the weekend!

Now what’s the difference between the two? Anywhere between 19% and 200% in productivity. Think of your business as having to manage three different relationships. How do you keep all three of these relationships going?

Think about the implications for your business in cultivating this inner relationship. Come on let’s face it, when we have happy employees, we naturally have happy customers. When we are experiencing a positive emotion, we are more productive, creative, and healthier.

You cannot mandate someone to do that. The only way you can get the people that work with you to have the passion, desire and compassion to take great care of your customers is to take great care of them by listening to and addressing their needs. What great ideas come from sharing with the people that take care of your customers? Always think magic moments for your customers as well as your employees. They need magic moments too! I know I do. The attitude of the employees is often a reflection of the attitude of management. You know this is true.

You want customers and employees that are amazed, astounded, thrilled and loyal for life. You want the kind of customers who refer you to their friends and can hardly wait to do business with you again. The way to create that kind of customer and employee is to create and implement an “Ultimate Customer and Employee Experience.” We want people who love and take pride in their work and will present the organization in the best possible light.

Loyal employees create loyal customers. When you establish a remarkable emotional connection between an organization and the employees, they create amazing emotional connections with customers.

The only way you can get a workforce that is that powerful and that passionate is to do anything you can to create happiness in your workplace. The question is – how do I do this? The answer is no secret: create an environment where people feel cared about, where people feel valued, where their personal growth is encouraged and nourished, and where every effort is made to build self-esteem and self-worth.

Do this, and you’ve got an environment where customer caring will abound.

About Karin Fowler

Karin is the Senior Program Manager and Customer Service Business Practice Leader at St. Louis Community College, Workforce Solutions Group (WSG) Division, where she manages the Metropolitan Education Training (MET) Center. She manages and develops workshops in Customer Service, Career Development, Resume Writing, Interviewing and Leadership skills. She has been a Customer Service Business Practice Leader and Facilitator with the Workforce Solutions Group since July 1999. Karin has extensive experience in the areas of customer service development, training and delivery. In addition, she also manages on-site contracts to develop and deliver training for displaced and adult workers for coaching and career strategies. Karin consistently receives high praise on course evaluations with such comments as - “Karin’s inner personal attitude makes you want to be better,” “Helped me take a look at myself and helped me with better customer service; “Kept the audience involved” and “Karin re-integrated main points as examples during our group discussions and activities.”

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  1. Schubert

    June 26, 2016 at 11:19 pm

    Well said, Karin! It is the employees that make things happen and provide virtually all of the customer interface. Though intuitive, many companies fail to recognize that employee well being is the best return on their investment.

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