Give Your Stars A Chance To Shine

By on May 5, 2015
Give Your Stars A Chance To Shine

I’ve heard these kinds of stories over and over again.

Bill tells me, “I really understand why we’re doing 5S and I work hard to keep my area clean and orderly but a lot of the guys who work around me just don’t get it. Their areas are messed up. They’re dirty. They can’t find the supplies they need so they come to my area and take them. Tell you what, after a while this kind of stuff makes you tired and you say to yourself, it’s not worth it. Nobody else cares why should I?”

Mary says, “George, I’ve got an idea about how to take care of a problem in our work area but I don’t want to post it on our Idea Board. Would you post it for me?” I ask her, “Why don’t you post it yourself?” She replies, “Because if I do the folks I work with will give me a hard time. They’ll tell me that I’m trying to get in good with management.”

Juan replies, “You know, I’ve got some ideas about how to improve the way we do our work but I’m not going to just give them to the company by posting them on our Idea Board. If the company wants my ideas they’ll have to pay me for them.”

Charlie observes, “If the company thinks 5S is so important why doesn’t the plant manager ever come out on the floor and take a look at what we’re trying to do and give us some feedback? You know it’d be nice to hear a ‘well done’ or ‘thank you.’ Seems to me he doesn’t really see 5S as very important and if he doesn’t, why should we?”

Bill, Mary, Juan, and Charlie are all potential work place stars. They could make incredibly valuable contributions to their companies. They could be powerful catalysts for change. They could motivate others.

Or the opposite could happen and the great potential they have could be lost. If this happens it’ll be a personal as well as a corporate tragedy.

This doesn’t have to happen. Our Corporate Services Group has a wide variety of training and consulting resources that can help you ensure that your stars have the opportunity to shine bright and clear in your workplace. And when they do, you know what the results will be. They’ll be powerful catalysts for change. They’ll help you get a very high return on your investment in Lean manufacturing.

Want to know more about how you can put our resources to work in your organization? You can reach me anytime at 314-303-0612. Let’s talk.

About George Friesen

George Friesen serves as Business Practice Leader - Lean Manufacturing for the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. He has led the College's Lean business practice area since 2000. Prior to joining the College, George worked for Maritz Performance Improvement Company. Over the past 35 years, he has served a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, specializing during the past eleven years in Lean Manufacturing, focusing especially on the 5S System, Lean leadership and thinking processes, Value Stream Mapping, and Lean team building. George is a graduate of Washington University (AB), Webster University (MA), and United States Air Force Flight Training.

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