Employers See Great Avenues for Recruiting New Employees

By on May 19, 2015
Logistics Grand Opening

“I wanted to shoot you a quick note after meeting you yesterday at the open house event. I really enjoyed the event. The presentation was excellent, and really helped me understand all the benefits an employer can receive from working closely with STLCC and utilizing students from the great programs you offer. As a local employer, we are constantly working to attract and retain talented employees, and the event yesterday was eye-opening and really provided some great avenues for recruiting new employees.”
Doug Kremer, Human Resource Manager, C.L. Smith

“STLCC – Florissant Valley Campus did an outstanding job with the Logistics Event recently held at the Workforce Solutions facility. TAGG Logistics is very excited to see the Logistics, Warehouse and Distribution Specialist certification program up and running. I really enjoyed hearing from students who spoke at this event and are currently enrolled in the first class. It was wonderful to see how taking this class has given these students the skills and knowledge needed to pursue employment with companies such as TAGG. I had the pleasure of speaking with several of these students and was very impressed that each one came prepared with their resume. I look forward to seeing some of these graduating students in the near future.”
Tammy Crawford, Human Resource Manage, TAGGlogistics

The above quotes are a sampling of the feedback from businesses that attended the April 29 Logistics Grand Opening & Business Resource Celebration at STLCC’s Center for Workforce Innovation. The event brought together business partners, community supporters, students and college staff.

The event included an overview of the new logistics training, comments from the first class of program completers, instructors and program managers as well as a guided tour of the facility’s other training opportunities such as programmable logic control and industrial maintenance technology. The event also allowed time for businesses and program completers seeking employment to network.

The students in attendance were recent graduates of the first session of the new six-week Logistics, Warehouse & Distribution Specialist training program, which prepared them for front-line, material handling and distribution positions across the supply chain-factory, warehousing, distribution and transportation.

The training program was taught by recognized industry experts who combined instruction in the logistics environment such as global supply chain, safety and material handling with curriculum in critical interpersonal skills essential for workplace success. The program also included observation and learning at local warehouses/distribution centers.

The program instructors shared the following observations:

“From the supply chain field perspective, the Logistics training program was and will be a huge success for our community, for local employers, for the industry and for the class participants. I had hoped the supply chain community would not only see the benefits of the program, but engage in the program and with STLCC. This hope is being realized as multiple individuals and companies within the industry have stepped forth to partner. Here are several additional reasons:
1) Qualified, trained and knowledgeable staff for the entry to mid-level position within the supply chain industry are very limited today
2) The supply chain field is a growing industry
3) St Louis metro area is becoming a strategic, centralized warehousing and distribution location for companies around the nation, many are relocating their distribution to the area.
4) Cost of living is lower, adding to the St Louis appeal for warehousing operations.
5) The Logistics program is training participants with real world scenarios, on site operations visits and intense instruction geared around the industry.
Randy Monroe, STLCC Logistics Instructor

“The soft skills training was added to the Logistics program to provide students with key knowledge and skills to develop effective working relationships and fulfill the many non-technical expectations of all successful workers by employers. Successful employees have the right attitude toward their work – a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. Once workers know the expectations, they are self-managed and self-motivated to do their jobs without being micro-managed. They also communicate effectively including speaking clearly, listening carefully and paying attention to all parts of their messages, written and spoken. They know it’s not just what they say but how they say things that build relationships and teamwork in the workplace. Successful workers assume personal responsibility for their behaviors to get the job done, to do their best work according to the standards and expectations of their employers and be at work on time and ready to work every day. It’s all about developing and reinforcing students’ work ethics. As a result of this part of the training, students understand their choices to do what is necessary to get and keep well-paying jobs.”
Donna Mertz, STLCC Leadership Instructor

Community partners attending the event shared these type of observations:

“Thank you for the invite to the Grand Opening. I had a wonderful time. I was able to view each classroom and receive positive feedback from the instructors. The campus is simply marvelous. I gathered information to distribute and copy for our clientele. I would like to attend all future events if possible, in hopes of obtaining new information and resources to bring back to the Center.”
Tria Watson, MO Department of Economic Development

“I learned quite a bit about your free training classes. I’m excited about sharing the information to my employment clients and posting the flyers in our employment resource room.
I look forward to future connections. Please continue to share your great training programs with us, and we will definitely share the information with our clients.”
Hollis R. Whiting, Director of Employment, Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc.

The logistics, warehouse and distribution specialist training is part of STLCC’s no-fee, high value technical training programs that are being offered for a limited time at no cost to qualified students.

STLCC looks forward to future events such as this successful one that brings together newly trained students ready to work with business partners looking for great avenues for recruiting new employees.

If you would like to learn more about recruiting our program graduates, contact Kathie Chambers or at 314-539-5309. You may also visit www.stlcc.edu/logistics to learn more about our training program.

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