Workforce Development News – Nov. 10, 2014

By on November 10, 2014
Where to Look for Insight

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The Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College leverages education for growth in the knowledge economy by offering programs and services designed to advance people, businesses and communities. We are located at the Corporate College, a state of the art facility solely dedicated to corporate education and professional development.
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Where to Look for Insight

“Today innovators are in demand everywhere—from the factory floor to the salesroom, the IT help desk to the HR department, the employee cafeteria to the C-suite. Innovation isn’t a department. It’s a mindset that should permeate your entire enterprise.”

More Employers Are Hiring But They Aren’t Raising Pay

“Workers aren’t seeing the economic recovery reflected in their paychecks. Job growth is strengthening, people have rejoined the labor force to look for work, there is good news for the unemployed, and employers continue to add mostly full-time jobs.”

Mapping Freight

“Just 10 percent of the country’s trade corridors move 79 percent of all goods, the most valuable of which are concentrated in the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas. $198 billion total trade between the St. Louis MSA and its largest trading partners.”

2014 State of St. Louis STEM Workforce, Presented by Alan Spell

Alan Spell, Research Manager at the Missouri Department of Economic Development, presents the findings of the 2014 State of St. Louis STEM Workforce Report. This presentation discusses the St. Louis workforce and economy, the supply and demand for STEM talent, as well as the challenges and opportunities in developing and acquiring the region’s STEM workforce. (YouTube, 21:24).

Community College Credentials Significantly Increase Future Earnings, Employment

“Completing a degree or certificate program can increase wages by more than 30 percent in some fields.”

Engaging Your Older Workers

“About three quarters of individuals approaching retirement have for some time said that they would like to keep working in some capacity, yet only about a quarter of them actually do. Something is keeping them from working, and that something is on the employer side.”

The Economic Guide To Picking A College Major

“The average value of a college degree is near an all-time high, even factoring in rising tuitions. Today’s college students need to choose a major that maximizes their chances of graduating, and minimizes their chances of ending up in the lowest-earning 25 percent of college graduates.”

7 Ways to Impress Your Interviewers

“How to show you’re the best candidate for the job.”

6 Signs of A Great Resume

“Your resume will catch the eye of employers by including these six highlights.”

8 Interview Room Characters You Should Be Ready For

“These interview room personalities all have slightly different agendas and perspectives, and each requires a slightly different communication strategy.”
Part 1:
Part 2:

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings

“You are annoying your boss and colleagues any time you take your phone out during meetings. When you take out your phone it shows a: lack of respect, lack of attention, lack of listening, lack of willpower, lack of self-awareness, and lack of social awareness.”

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

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Richard Schumacher is the technology manager for the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. He connects, designs, and applies technology to meet business user needs with eLearning, training, web content, instructional design, IT system, and performance improvement solutions. Richard has held various Microsoft Certifications since 1993. Learn more about Richard by following him: LinkedIn - Twitter - Articles - Email

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