Workforce Development News – April 21, 2014

By on April 21, 2014
Signs You Genuinely Love What You Do

A weekly collection of interesting, insightful, and innovative articles on workforce development, employment and training, business performance improvement, leadership, higher education, and the economy.

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The Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College leverages education for growth in the knowledge economy by offering programs and services designed to advance people, businesses and communities. We are located at the Corporate College, a state of the art facility solely dedicated to corporate education and professional development.
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15 Revealing Signs You Genuinely Love What You Do

“See where you stand – and whether you need to start making changes.”

The College Degrees And Skills Employers Most Want

“Employers are planning to hire 8.6% more graduates for their U.S. operations than they did from the class of 2013.” Included are charts showing employers’ hiring expectations by major and the skills they most value in new hires.

6 Habits of Super Successful People

“There is no ‘secret’ to success. You need discipline, perseverance, and six simple skills that anyone can (and should) build into in their daily routine.”

Continuing Education Summer 2014 Catalog

Our new summer catalog is now available and registration for summer begins May 5th! It’s your time to shine! For more information, or to register, call us at 314-984-7777.

U.S. Views of Technology and the Future

“A majority of Americans envision a future made better by advancements in technology. However, many are wary of some controversial changes that may be on the near-term horizon.”

5 Job Search Mistakes You’re Making & How to Fix Them

“If you’ve found your job search to take longer than you anticipated, there’s a chance you’re making some mistakes holding you back from landing a job. To help you find more clarity in your search, here are some solutions to turn it around for the best:”

The Secret to a Successful Interview: Great Storytelling

“Since all hiring managers are looking for someone to bring value, your ability to articulate this message is what will set you apart from someone else with comparable skills.”

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Candidates for IT Positions

“Finding the best person for an IT position requires more than just matching up skills with job requirements. These questions will help you determine how well a candidate can really meet your needs.”

Are Professional Certifications Valuable?

“Corporations expect they will achieve better individual and organizational performance by certifying employees. Here are potential drivers for implementing certifications:”

8 Ways Neuroscience Can Improve Your Presentations

“Giving memorable and persuasive presentations is more than an art.”

26 Content Ideas for Social Media

“The platforms vary in format, post length, and subject matter, so there are lots of options available to you as an online brand manager.”

Timelapse Video: Cosmos Odyssey

The AstroPhotography journeys of Kwon O Chul from the Equator to Polar Regions over the past five years. (Vimeo, 4:35).

I think I’ve discovered the meaning of life. You just hang around until you get used to it.” – Charles M. Schultz

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Richard Schumacher is the technology manager for the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. He connects, designs, and applies technology to meet business user needs with eLearning, training, web content, instructional design, IT system, and performance improvement solutions. Richard has held various Microsoft Certifications since 1993. Learn more about Richard by following him: LinkedIn - Twitter - Articles - Email

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