ProductCamp St. Louis 2014 March 29 at Corporate College

By on February 11, 2014
ProductCamp St. Louis 2014

Free, participant-driven event for anyone who designs, markets or manages a product.

  • Does your company need to learn more about product management?
  • Do you want to learn from peers outside of your industry?
  • Do you want to increase your network within the local innovation community?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then don’t miss your chance to participate in ProductCamp St. Louis 2014, the local “unconference” event of the year!

What is ProductCamp?

A ProductCamp is a free, user-driven, collaborative “unconference” that is organized by volunteers every year and presented in cities worldwide. The participant-driven event is ideal for anyone who builds, designs, markets or manages a product or service. The theme of ProductCamp St. Louis 2014 is Growth through Innovation and will reach out to product managers, product management teams, business development professionals and executives/owners who are interested in transforming their businesses.

A World-Wide Concept

ProductCamp is a worldwide concept and is based on the BarCamp idea which is an international network of user-generated conferences focused around technology. They are open, participatory workshop events, the content of which is provided by participants. The first ProductCamp was held in Silicon Valley in 2008. The event was modeled around the BarCamp idea to create a participant-driven event for product management.

Since then there have been ProductCamp events literally around the world from California to Boston, Vancouver to Toronto, Kiev to Melbourne. Since the first event in 2008,100 ProductCamp events have been held in dozens of cities, with 30 worldwide predicted for 2014. 2014 will mark the third ProductCamp held in St. Louis. For more information about ProductCamps, world-wide, visit

No Attendees, No Presenters, Just Participants

At a ProductCamp event there are no attendees or presenters; there are only participants. As a participant-driven event, participants are expected to contribute in some way before or during the event.

There are no passive attendees and there are many ways for participants to contribute:

1) Presenting – register to host a roundtable session

2) Volunteering – help manage specific organizational tasks and activities

3) Sponsoring – corporate contribution helps offset costs, which helps keep the events free

4) Helping to get the word out – blogs, tweets, newsletters, websites, newspapers, etc.

While every sponsor contribution helps and will be recognized, no contribution is required to be a participant. The only ground rule for participants is no selling. Information sharing is expected and encouraged but if your purpose in attending is to generate leads, then the event might not be for you. ProductCamp St Louis is coordinated through the St Louis Product Management Group and will be hosted for the second consecutive year by the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College.

The Agenda

Unlike a “traditional” conference, the agenda for an “unconference” ProductCamp event isn’t planned in advance. Everyone in attendance will vote on the topics the morning of the event.

General subject areas for presentations might include:

  • New product development processes
  • Portfolio management
  • Product innovation
  • Account management documentation
  • Market research and business analytics
  • Mind mapping
  • People & Organizational issues

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How do I know if I should attend if I don’t know what’s on the agenda?

We understand that this is against the norm. That usually you see the agenda in advance and then decide whether it is worth your time. Yes, there is a slight chance that the morning of event you will discover some sessions you are not interested in. The great thing about a ProductCamp event is that the sessions are chosen by the participants, not the organizers; so there is a much higher chance the sessions will be interesting. ProductCamp events also follow the “two-foot rule.” If you are in a session and want to leave, use your two feet and go check out another session. The “two-foot rule” means that you are encouraged to sample different sessions instead of feeling trapped in one room.

Who should attend ProductCamp St. Louis 2014?

ProductCamp St. Louis is open to anyone interested or involved in the design, building, marketing, or managing of products or services. Most of the attendees are product managers and product marketers, though last year we had a lot of people in other roles such as product developers, project managers, business analysts, and venture capitalists.

How much does it cost to attend?

Thanks to the support of our generous sponsors and our host, ProductCamp, St. Louis 2014 will be free! However, there is a “cost” to attend-everyone is expected to contribute in some way. Space is limited, so we encourage you to reserve your spot early.

When and where will the event be held?

When:  Saturday, March 29, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Where: St. Louis Community College’s Corporate College, 3221 McKelvey Road, Bridgeton, 63044

Host:  St. Louis Community College’s Workforce Solutions Group

RSVP: The event is free but participants must register since space is limited. Lunch is provided

Connect: ProductCamp is on Twitter as @stlprodmgmt, official ProductCamp St. Louis hashtag #pcstl. You may also visit for more information

We hope to see on March 29th for this “unconference” event of the year!

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