Manufacturing in America: Perception vs. Reality

By on June 19, 2014
Manufacturing in America

It just doesn’t match up!

Over 70% of Americans view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong economy and a strong national defense, but only 30% of parents encourage their kids to enter manufacturing careers.

Only 17% of people consider manufacturing as a top career choice.

It doesn’t match up!

Did you know manufacturing workers have the highest job tenure in the private sector?

90% of manufacturing workers have medical benefits and 78% get retirement contributions from their employers.

Today’s manufacturing offers good paying, steady jobs with good benefits and the job satisfaction each day of knowing you made that!

The facts don’t match your perceptions, do they?

Over the past several decades, new technologies and automation changed manufacturing.

The size of the workforce shrunk while productivity skyrocketed.

With new technology, it took fewer people to produce a lot more product.

The manufacturing workforce shrunk by losing its youngest workers and by not hiring many new employees.

The low skilled jobs were automated or went overseas.

Now the manufacturing workforce growing again and it needs to replace the skilled employees who survived the lean years and are now nearing retirement.

67% of manufacturers responding to a National Association of Manufacturers survey reported a moderate to severe shortage of available, qualified workers.

83% say the lack of skilled workers hurts their business.

So here we are with manufacturers looking for employees and lots of people looking for employment, but they just don’t match up!

A high school diploma or GED doesn’t prepare you for today’s high tech manufacturing.

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