Leadership for Life – Time Management

By on June 16, 2014
Leadership for Life - Time Management

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For many leaders, figuring out how to get it all done within the time allotted is a major concern. We trainers make a pretty good living teaching people how to manage time. Is time management such a big problem? A lot of it seems like common sense:

  • Focus on what really matters
  • Eliminate or downgrade activities that distract from your goal
  • Avoid crises
  • Delegate
  • Distinguish between urgent and important
  • Etc.

One problem that often adds to time management issues is “feature creep.” This is when you have a relatively simple task to accomplish that keeps getting more complex the more you talk about it. As much as I value teamwork, “feature creep” can be an issue when teams determine what needs to be done or produced. As a leader, you might find yourself in a position where you need to fight against the tendency to add complexity to otherwise simple tasks or solutions.

Another way of keeping time under control is to ask yourself, “What adds value for our customers?” If you and your team are unsure of the answer to that question, perhaps you need to reexamine all of your to-do lists.

We like to think that modern electronic toys speed our communication and improve our productivity, leading to improved time management. On the other hand, have you ever delayed taking action on something because you were waiting for a response to an email or text message? As much as our millennial colleagues might scoff, sometimes just picking up the phone or walking down the hall to get a question answered saves a lot of time wasted in waiting for replies to electronic messages.

Finally, some things have to be done by you and only you. I suspect that there are a great many other things that can be delegated. Sure they won’t be done the same way you’d do them, but with the right training and practice, other team members will be able to do what needs to be done with the same quality.

If you really think you need more help with time management, call us at 314-539-5329 or email to bschapiro@stlcc.edu.

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