Workforce Development News – Sept. 9, 2013

By on September 9, 2013
Be Indispensable At Work

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The Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College leverages education for growth in the knowledge economy by offering programs and services designed to advance people, businesses and communities. We are located at the Corporate College, a state of the art facility solely dedicated to corporate education and professional development.
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17 Ways To Be Indispensable At Work

“Being indispensable at work means that your supervisors count on you so much that without you, the productivity of your department might suffer, or at least that’s the perception. You may have knowledge that is unique to you, a position in the organization that is unique to you, or a skill that is unique to you.”

Make Time for the Work That Matters

“With relatively little effort and no management directive, this small intervention can significantly boost productivity among knowledge workers. Ask the right questions and act on the answers.”

7 Things Really Respected People Do

“Respect is not something you can conjure or demand. Respect is earned. And often the people who are most respected don’t have to try to earn it. They simply take action in a way that makes others feel admiration.”

Customers Remember Experiences, Not Your Brand Logo

“The real challenge in building your brand is building the level of engagement and delivery of your team. Lack of engagement is very expensive. Highly engaged organizations have been shown to reduce staff turnover by 87%, improve performance by 20%, and increase customer satisfaction by at least 12%.”

State of St. Louis Workforce 2013: Your Guide to the Future

Industry and education leaders discuss how they feel about the information contained in the 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce report, and how that information will guide and assist their future actions and build the workforce for the future. Watch viewpoints by Rod Nunn, D.M. (St. Louis Community College), Brian Ashworth (Edward Jones), Herb Homeyer (Homeyer Precision Manufacturing), Alan Spell (MERIC), Steve Lewis (Associated General Contractors of St. Louis), Keith Darling (AEP River Operations), and Debbie Walkenhorst (SSM Health Care-St. Louis). They feel this forward looking report tracks key industry trends and helps to determine the path required for future economic development. Download the full 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce Report at

Interactive Map Detailing Growth of Top Industries in 100 Most Populous U.S. Metros

“Which industries are the top drivers of job growth for each of the 100 largest U.S. markets? Which metros have added the most jobs post-recession? Which metros have the biggest concentration of jobs in healthcare, technology, construction, manufacturing, energy and other top fields?”

A Map Of America’s Future: Where Growth Will Be Over The Next Decade

“Economically America is not a single country. It is a collection of seven nations and three quasi-independent city-states, each with its own tastes, proclivities, resources and problems. These nations compete with one another.”

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are

“So much of this is about out-doing each other. Everyone is busy, in different sorts of ways. To assume that being ‘busy’ is cool, or brag-worthy, or tweetable, is ridiculous. We need to work smart, not (just) hard.”

6 Soul-Crushing Professional Habits

“Do you skip lunch or answer emails after hours? There’s nothing wrong with ambition, but make sure you don’t sacrifice too much in your climb to the top.”

35 Questions That Will Change Your Life

How your viewpoint on self-awareness, happiness, perspective, influence and business impacts your life.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

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