Workforce Development News – Sept. 3, 2013

By on September 3, 2013
Improve Your Attitude

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The Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College leverages education for growth in the knowledge economy by offering programs and services designed to advance people, businesses and communities. We are located at the Corporate College, a state of the art facility solely dedicated to corporate education and professional development.
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Closing the Chasm Between Strategy and Execution

“The clean and elegant logic of strategy gets dirty in the real world of execution. Agendas compete. Priorities clash. Decisions stall. Communication breaks down. Timelines get blown. It’s never a question of if these problems will happen; it’s a question of when and to what degree.”

8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude

“A positive attitude make success easy; a negative one makes success pointless.”

State of St. Louis Workforce 2013: The Future of Your Business

Perspectives on how the findings and discussions of the 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce report and event can be applied to businesses by Steve Lewis (Associated General Contractors of St. Louis), Keith Darling (AEP River Operations), Valerie Patton (Economic Inclusion), Keith English (State Representative, 68th District), and Brian Ashworth (Edward Jones). They see that key workforce needs include critical thinking, soft skills, life skills, and educational attainment. (YouTube 2:36). Download the full 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce Report at

How to Manage Someone You Don’t Like

“Is it possible to be a fair boss to someone you’d avoid eating lunch with — or must you learn to like every member of your team?”

The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Employee

“Changes in the way we work are being fueled by new behaviors and new technologies. Non-managerial employees need to adapt and evolve to the changing workplace.”

7 Steps to Engaged Employees

“Engaged employees are productive employees. Here’s how to foster a more motivated workforce.”

5 Ways To Unleash The Power Of Your People

“Most companies are using only a fraction of their employees’ potential. Intrapreneurship is all about unlocking and unleashing those vast reservoirs of talent in service of your organization. Here’s how to create a workplace that buzzes with energy, creativity, passion, and happy intrapreneurs.”

Is College Worth It?

“What should be the ultimate outcome of a college education?”

5 Desirable Traits of Great Employees

“200 colleges are endorsing a new test on employability. Here, Inc. columnists explain how they check for the most sought-after employment qualities. Does your company test for these?”

Is Bias Fixable?

“We — as a society — don’t see each other. You are not seen for who you really are, though each of us is a distinct constellation of interests, passions, histories, visions and hopes. To see and be seen is essential to finding solutions for all of us.”

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby

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