Workforce Development News – Jan. 28, 2013

By on January 28, 2013
Be Happier at Work

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The Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College leverages education for growth in the knowledge economy by offering programs and services designed to advance people, businesses and communities. We are located at the Corporate College, a state of the art facility solely dedicated to corporate education and professional development.
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15 Ways to Be Happier at Work

“Learn how to manage your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.”

Why You’re Not A Leader

“Everybody thinks they’re a leader – most are far from it. If you think you’re a leader, but haven’t been recognized as such, you have a problem. Either you’re incorrect in your self-assessment, or those you report to don’t recognize your talent. Here’s the good news; handled correctly, either scenario can be resolved if you’re willing to do some work.”

Stop Focusing on Your Performance

“Living life as a performance is not only a recipe for stress and unhappiness; it also leads to mediocre performance.”

Don’t Think College Is Worth It? Ask People Who Haven’t Gone

“High school graduates (of the classes of 2006-11) who do not have college degrees and are not enrolled in school full time overwhelmingly believe that additional education beyond a high school diploma is required to succeed.”

The 10 Best-Paying College Majors – And Why Business Isn’t One Of Them

“As more employers scramble to ramp up innovation, a STEM degree could be the fast-track to financial and professional success every new grad is dreaming of.”

Attend the Insights Into Biotechnology Industry Seminar February 4, 2013

Join our discussion led by Kelly Gillespie, Executive Director of the Missouri Biotechnology Association as we explore the current environment of the biotech industry and its impact shaping the local economy. Monday, Feb. 4, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Bio-Research Development Growth Park (BRDG), 1005 N. Warson Road Saint Louis, MO 63132. Breakfast included, $49 registration. Call 314-984-7777 for more information or to register.

Is Your Business Guilty of These 6 Blogging Mistakes?

“These days it seems like every business has a blog. However, just because everyone has a blog doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right. Whether you’re just launching a blog for your business, or you’ve been blogging for awhile, it’s easy to fall into some blogging bad habits.”

You Can’t Cost-Cut Your Way To Great Customer Service

“Consumers want good customer service, you need to be able to make a profit. Consumers like high-touch attention. The majority of retailers recognize that the workforce plays a more important role than ever before in delivering what shoppers want.”

How to Have a Year that Matters

“What I want you to map is the uncharted shore of potential: the capacity of life to dream, wonder, imagine, create, build, transform, better, and love; the infusion of the art of living into the heart of every instant of existence.”

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” – Frederick Keonig

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Richard Schumacher is the technology manager for the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. He connects, designs, and applies technology to meet business user needs with eLearning, training, web content, instructional design, IT system, and performance improvement solutions. Richard has held various Microsoft Certifications since 1993. Learn more about Richard by following him: LinkedIn - Twitter - Articles - Email

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