Real Time Training That Gets Real Results

By on October 31, 2013
Real Time Training That Gets Real Results

100 Times Better!

“This local STLCC course is 100 times better than vendor training classes I have attended.”

“A great course for beginners and other non-electrically inclined workers. The instructor was good at keeping the more advanced in our group engaged while giving the less experienced members time to learn and catch up.”

“Troy knows his stuff.”

As a Project Manager for the Workforce Solutions Group, this is music to my ears. Employees sharing with us that they felt engaged and motivated during the on-site training that we delivered. The fact they also felt that the training was even better than other training provided by more expensive vendor they have attended is just icing on the cake. Our focus is on making a difference for the employees we train and advancing the businesses we serve.

The comments above were made by Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc. maintenance employees who participated in onsite, customized training in Introductory ControlLogix PLC taught by Troy Kitchen, a Workforce Solutions Group technical trainer. Troy recently conducted two 40-hour sessions of this customized training course onsite at the St. Louis facility of the Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.

And guess what? That icing on the cake I mentioned earlier is not only of the highest quality but it is also cost-effective. Our on-site PLC courses are more affordable than similar training provided by well-known, nation-wide vendors.

Eleven maintenance personnel completed this on-site training program gaining more confidence, knowledge, skill and ability as a result. They were able to easily transfer the skill and abilities they learned in class sessions to their jobs. One employee emailed Troy to tell him that after only four class sessions he was able to apply what he had learned to fix a machine himself and eliminate machine downtime.

Introductory ControlLogix PLC taught by Troy Kitchen

Troy Kitchen, Automated Controls Technical Trainer

Troy Kitchen, Automated Controls Technical Trainer

Our PLC training focuses on real-time troubleshooting problems and hands-on examples that allow participants to apply the skills learned in training immediately on the job. Being able to fix a machine eliminating machine downtime after only attending four class sessions is proof that our delivery formula is a success. An integral part of our success is having experienced instructors such as Troy who understands the importance of providing real-time training. He is an instructor that has real time work experience that he shares with his students. Therefore, he has designed the simulators that he uses during his training sessions to meet the work situations that maintenance technicians experience on the job.

The success of Troy’s PLC course and our other technical training offerings is actually a simple formula. “Real time training that gets real results.”

To find out more about our quality, affordable technical training that drives real results, email me or call me at 314-435-5920. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Pat has been a Project Manager with STLCC, WSG, Corporate Services since 1991. As a technical writer she has worked with many companies to enhance the production processes and manufacturing outcomes. Working with many companies in the St. Louis Metropolitan assisting in them satisfying their business goals through managing training and consulting services projects. Pat has been working closely with manufacturing companies in Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Maintenance, and ISO related training projects.

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