Lean Transformations at Sonoco Hazelwood

By on May 17, 2013
Sonoco Plastics 6S Poster

The Workforce Solutions Group salutes Sonoco Plastics for their dedication to training and engaging their employees in their world class world class lean transformation. Frank DiSensi, Plant Manager for Sonoco Plastics, Hazelwood expressed his thanks to George Friesen for his training and guidance:

“George, I just want to let you know how impressed I am with the change that has happened in the plant, since we began this 6S/lean manufacturing training with our employees.

The attitude and participation by our employees has been outstanding. The results of the training that you are providing, along with Mike’s leadership, has transformed this plant into a near ‘World Class’ facility.

We have received accolades from a number of our customers, many of whom have traveled and visited numerous plants around North America, and from one of Sonoco’s executive Vice Presidents, Howard Coker whose father was one of the founding members of Sonoco. Howard told me that this was the best looking Sonoco plant that he had ever visited. Quite a compliment for our plant.

I greatly appreciate the training, and guidance that you have been providing to our team and our plant will reap the benefits for years to come. Thank you George!”

Lean Transformations at Sonoco Hazelwood

From left to right: Frank DiSensi, Sonoco Plant Manager; Mike McGrew, Sonoco Production Manager; and George Friesen, Workforce Solutions Group Lean Consultant.

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