Leadership for Life – Speak Up!

By on May 1, 2013
Leadership for Life - Speak Up

Our Leadership experts will be sharing tips and insights for everyone, at any station in life, at both home and work. Leadership for Life – the skills you embrace represent who you really are at all times.

Great leaders know that for organizations, ideas, and products to be successful, people need to be talking about them. And who better to talk about stuff than those who are directly involved in leading those organizations, developing the ideas, and selling the products?

We are fortunate to live in a time when communication media are so varied and ubiquitous. If you want to reach a younger demographic, the obvious choices include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, email, podcasts, et al. For more mature audiences, face to face conversations or oral presentations to small or large groups are likely to be effective (PowerPoint optional). Some of the most effective marketing goes on in one-on-one conversations across a table strewn with coffee cups and bagel crumbs.

The good thing about electronic communication is that you can reach large numbers of people for very little effort and cash. Live presentations of any size require much more in the way of time and money, and yet I’m old fashioned enough to believe in the power of reaching out in a more personal way to individuals and groups that you want to influence. Another advantage to electronic communication is that if you’re phobic about public speaking, you can simply hide behind your iPhone (or Galaxy or Blackberry – no commercials here!) and send the electrons and microwaves on their way. As for me, when time permits, I still prefer seeing and listening to someone who knows what s/he’s talking about and can make an informative and entertaining presentation.

What’s your preference? (Keeping your mouth shut is not an option!) Whatever it is, now would be a good time to get your message out. Still feeling shy? There are a whole bunch of people out there (yeah, besides me) who are ready and able to coach you in how best to get your message where it belongs. Any questions? Call me at 314-539-5329 or send email to bschapiro@stlcc.edu.

About Barry Schapiro

Barry is the Workforce Solutions Group Practice Leader for Leadership and Professional Development. His experience includes delivery and management of business training in a variety of industries, with specialties in leadership, team development, generational diversity, and customer service. Twitter

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