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By on August 8, 2013
Follow the Research Results Buzz

Share your thoughts online about the 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce

We invite you to follow us on Twitter @stlworkforce and join the #STLworkforce ongoing conversation on the results of the 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce. This fifth annual regional research study, developed by the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College, was presented to the largest public audience to date highlighting new employer perceptions on key talent development issues.

Find out what employers and other community leaders tweeted live at the event about these issues and what they are still buzzing about such as:

  • What did employers say they thought were the reasons behind the skills gap?
  • How do local employers value experience versus education?
  • How do employers value online degrees versus traditional degrees?
  • How do employers value degrees versus industry-recognized credentials?
  • What are the top 30 certificates in greatest demand in the St. Louis metro area? Would you be able to name the top ten?
  • And much more!

Samples of live tweets during the event:

Brian Paluch ‏@Goirish01
Has technology & social media left the new entrants into the workforce ill prepared to communicate in today’s workforce #stlworkforce

TrakBill ‏@trakbill
Is critical thinking one of the reasons we see a shortage in engineers and programmers

Aubrey Bates ‏@AubreyBates1
“We favor bricks and mortar” -Keith Darling on choosing online or on-campus college

Edwin Penfold ‏@EdPen
#stlworkforce yes 50 plus in age is an issue. Retirement as it used to be is now age 70 to 80 if they live that long

MoHealthWINs ‏@MoHealthWINs
Takeaways from #STLworkforce report: Many expected retirements, customer service #1 valued skill What stood out 2 u

And, we think this one is pretty awesome:

STLCC Workforce ‏@STLCCworkforce
Fox2News likes our State of St. Louis Workforce Infographics (Fox2Now) #STLworkforce

If you need to study the statistics before you join the buzz, visit and download our four-page graphic summary or the full 2013 research report.

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Shayna was the Client Development Manager in the Workforce Solutions Group of St Louis Community College. She has over 20 years of experience in the Community College system in training and development, project management, program/course development, grant writing/administration and marketing.

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