Workforce Development News – Nov. 12, 2012

By on November 12, 2012
Things Remarkably Successful People Do

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The Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College leverages education for growth in the knowledge economy by offering programs and services designed to advance people, businesses and communities. We are located at the Corporate College, a state of the art facility solely dedicated to corporate education and professional development.
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Attend the St. Louis IT Industry Seminar November 15, 2012

In the rapidly changing field of information technology, it takes insight and a deep understanding of the landscape to keep afloat. Examine and discuss the regional impact of information technology with St. Louis area thought leaders. November 15, 2012, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon, STLCC Corporate College, 3221 McKelvey Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044, Breakfast included, $49. Call 314-984-7777 to register.

8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do

“The most successful people in business work differently. See what they do – and why it works.”

6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them

“Taking a team from ordinary to extraordinary means understanding and embracing the difference between management and leadership.”

The Productivity Improvement Steering Wheel: 7 Powerful Steps Every Leader Can Take

“What is it that leaders do to create a climate in which people go the extra mile and perform at remarkably high levels? What causes people to put forth extraordinary discretionary effort?”

How to Inspire Your Employees in 20 Ways

“Here are important ways on how to inspire your employees and form an inspiring team that will bring your organization to success.

New Research: How Employee Engagement Hits the Bottom Line

“What would contribute most to your being both happier and more productive at work? Create a workplace that really works.

7 Key Habits of Super Networkers

“The ability to network successfully can be one of the greatest assets in business. It allows some people to find incredible opportunities, while others just watch from the sidelines. Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence. Here are seven of the most important habits to develop:

7 Deadly Presentation Mistakes to Avoid

“These seven mistakes can ruin your carefully thought out masterpiece speech. At least one of these insidious pitfalls often traps even the experienced professional speech-giver.

Infographic: U.S. High School and College Completion Rates Continue to Climb

“Record shares of young adults are completing high school, going to college and finishing college. In 2012, for the first time ever, one-third of the nation’s 25- to 29-year-olds have completed at least a bachelor’s degree.”

Community-College Degree Smooths the Path to a B.A.

“Nearly three-quarters of the students who earned an associate degree and then moved to a four-year college graduated with a bachelor’s degree within four years of transferring.

Obama’s Economy: The President’s Challenge in 17 Charts

Here’s where the economy stands right now

9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier

“Happiness is the only true measure of personal success. These minor changes in your daily routine will make a major difference in your life and career.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

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Richard Schumacher is the technology manager for the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. He connects, designs, and applies technology to meet business user needs with eLearning, training, web content, instructional design, IT system, and performance improvement solutions. Richard has held various Microsoft Certifications since 1993. Learn more about Richard by following him: LinkedIn - Twitter - Articles - Email

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