Workforce Development News – Jan. 9, 2012

By on January 9, 2012
Small Talk Ninja Skills for the Socially Challenged

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Mastering the Art of Living Meaningfully Well

“How can each of us be a wholer, truer person, right now, today? In an era where the prosperity we once took for granted appears to be crumbling around us, when the plight of the present seems to be somewhere between facepalm, headdesk, and epic fail, when the great challenges of today are nothing less than rebuilding economy, polity, and society — here’s what I believe you’re going to have to get lethally serious about: your own human potential, and how deeply, authentically, and powerfully, over the course of your life, you’re going to fulfill it. Here are three lessons for living a good life:”

6 Small Talk Ninja Skills for the Socially Challenged

“Every time I turn around, there are potentially awkward situations for small talk. Get-togethers, cocktail hours, new coworkers at lunch, etc. — the small talk opportunities are everywhere. If you find yourself less than excited about these encounters, here are a few tips to help:”

Business Tips: 21 Ways to Break the Ice

“Every matchmaker in the business will tell you that the first step to developing a relationship with someone is to get them talking. Most of us meet new people as a part of our jobs — prospects, coworkers, customers, vendors or partners. And it is part of our jobs in these moments to connect and interact with these people.”

Report: The College Majors With The Best Job Prospects

“College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings – Not all college degrees are created equal.” (PDF, 604KB).

9 Surefire Ways To Destroy Employee Morale

“There’s more to being a boss than just telling people what to do. It’s about building a rapport and fostering a real relationship with your employees, so that you trust each other and can get things done. Unfortunately, many managers don’t care about their employees’ morale, and spur them on by any means necessary. But there are things that should be avoided in most situations if you want employees not to hate coming to work every day.”

InfoGraphic: Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

“In a single minute there are over 695,000 status updates on Facebook. That’s just one example of the mind boggling scale of online activity.”

Creativity and Flexibility Count to Landing and Keeping a Job

“In addition to the standard prerequisites, employers will be looking for workers who are able to quickly adapt to new responsibilities as companies respond to changing economic and industry trends. So workers should highlight their creative skills to differentiate themselves. Here are other skills experts recommend workers should pick up and enhance.”

Charts: The Unemployment Rate is Recovering, The Participation Rate Isn’t

“The last jobs report of 2011 was perhaps the year’s best, with moderate improvements everywhere, from overall employment to earnings. Average hourly earnings were up. Weekly hours were up. The official unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent, the lowest in three years. But the unemployment rate is falling in large part because millions of people have dropped out of the labor market entirely.”

We Added 1.6 Million Jobs in 2011 — Where Did They Come From?

“Overall, total non-farm employment inched higher by roughly 1.6 million jobs, or about 1.3%. The private sector grew modestly. The public sector shrank, also modestly. The United States economy is still about 6 million jobs short of where it was before the beginning of the Great Recession. And while the unemployment rate is down to 8.5% from 9.4%, it’s partly because so many workers have given up on job hunting.”

5 Tips to Avoid LinkedIn’s Top 10 Buzzwords

“LinkedIn reveals its list of the most overused words of 2012 and offers five expert tips to avoid the most overused—and consequently ineffective—buzzwords.”

Time is Nothing — A Time Lapse Journey Around the World

17 Countries. 343 Days. One incredible journey in 6,237 photographs. (Vimeo 4:48).

Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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