Dassault Falcon 10 Jet Lands at St. Louis Aerospace Institute

By on December 5, 2012
Dassault Falcon 10 Jet

You might have been heading to the south side of the Florissant Valley campus and seen an aircraft in the parking lot.

No, it wasn’t a mirage and you weren’t hallucinating. St. Louis Community College has its very own corporate jet, a Dessault Falcon 10.

Once inactive or “retired,” the aircraft now has a new purpose in life – to train students at the St. Louis Aerospace Institute. The Falcon 10 arrived last week after Aviation Material and Technical Support (AVMATS) generously offered to transport the jet from West Star to STLCC-Florissant Valley.

The aircraft was donated by West Star Aviation, one of STLCC’s industry partners.

“Robert Weaver, mechanical/electrical instructor, was instrumental in getting the aircraft donated to the college,” said Becky Epps, program manager at the Aerospace Institute. “Paul Voorhees, metal structures instructor, led the charge to have it disassembled and this could not have happened without both of them.” The aircraft will be used as a show piece as well as a training aid for students. The aerospace fundamentals class will use the aircraft to learn terminology and other basic aerospace skills.

Dassault Falcon 10 Jet Left Side

“We also hope, in the future, to use it for sheet metal repair and mechanical/electrical installation and inspection,” Epps said. The aircraft will remain in Parking Lot No. 16. Work to assemble, clean and paint it is under way.

Dassault Falcon 10 Jet Right Side

West Star Aviation has donated a retired Dassault Falcon 10 to STLCC for use as a training aid at the St. Louis Aerospace Institute.

Originally published in the College Newsroom at: http://www.stlcc.edu/Newsroom/2012/11/News17.html

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