Workforce Development News – May 23, 2011

By on May 23, 2011

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Green Energy Partnership Accelerated Program Trains 63 for Careers

The St. Louis Area Green Energy Partnership, formed by St. Louis Community and the United Auto Workers-Labor Employment and Training Corporation, has prepared 63 individuals for green career pathways through an accelerated-format program. “As green jobs continue to develop in our region, we are providing opportunities for individuals to enter these pathways as entry-level skilled technicians,” said Rod Nunn, STLCC’s vice chancellor for workforce and community development. “Workforce development is a journey, not a destination, so we expect these individuals to continue to learn and earn as opportunities present themselves throughout their careers.”

Sneak Peek: New Aerospace Mechanical/Electrical Lab

The new lab furniture for the St. Louis Aerospace Institute is arriving! Here’s a preview of the new Aerospace Mechanical/Electrical lab at the Center for Workforce Innovation. As you can see, the lab room is complete and most of the furniture has arrived and is being placed in final position.

The New Rules of the Job Interview in Six Easy Tips

“The job interview has always been a crucial part of the hiring process. But in today’s intensely competitive labor market, it couldn’t be more key. For every open position, expect to find an army of qualified, and even overqualified, candidates starving for work in a country with 9% unemployment. If you’re lucky enough to make it to the interview stage, you’ll need to be at your best to seal the deal.”

The 10 Commandments for Customer Meetings

“No time is more precious than time spent speaking with a customer — especially if face-to-face. That’s when you build a customer relationship, learn about customer needs, and move the sales cycle forward. The last thing you want is waste the golden opportunity, so here are ten rules to help ensure that your customer meetings are productive:”

How To Makeover A Bullet-Point Slide

“The key to improving this type of slide, aside from adding some nice imagery, shortening the text, and using a unique font, is to break each important reason onto its own slide.”

Perspectives of St. Louis Area Professionals Changing Careers in a Turbulent Economy

40 page RCGA report.

9 Simple Steps To A Productive Meeting

“Many business meetings seem to be populated with people who derail and prolong discussion and who then wonder why nothing ever gets accomplished. Dealing with these offenders requires playing a strong offense, rather than relying on defense. Good meetings don’t just happen. They must be actively planned for and managed.”

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

“Savvy business people increasingly see LinkedIn as a critical place to find new employees, recognize existing ones, troll for sales prospects, and build their own digital brand. Here are some tricks you can tap to buff up your own LinkedIn profile:”

One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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