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By on July 25, 2011
Common Misperceptions About Teamwork

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Environmental Remediation Technician: EPA Brownfields Job Training Program at STLCC

74% of the individuals that have completed the Environmental Remediation Technician six-week, 240-hour accelerated job training program have found employment utilizing the training received. The program, funded by the Brownsfields Job Training program and in partnership with St. Louis University-Center for Environmental Education and Training, is designed to help unemployed and underemployed individuals living near brownfield impacted areas pursue entry level employment in environmental remediation and maintain a living wage. The program includes instruction in lead and asbestos remediation, hazardous materials handling, and worker safety, as well as firsthand views of St. Louis area remediation sites. (YouTube 3:30).

Six Common Misperceptions About Teamwork

“Teamwork and collaboration are critical to mission achievement in any organization that has to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Research has not only affirmed that idea but also surfaced a number of mistaken beliefs about teamwork that can sidetrack productive collaboration. Here are six of them.”

The 5 Best Ways to Praise Employees

“Praising an employee should: boost their confidence and self-esteem, reinforce positive behaviors, reward their effort and accomplishment, and build their motivation and enthusiasm. Here are five ways:”

Is Your Digital Footprint Squashing Your Reputation?

“The majority of recruiters and HR professionals indicated that they think it’s appropriate to consider personal information found online in screening potential job applicants. 70% of employers in the United States screened out potential employees because of information found online. Here are a few common reasons why employers have screened out, or hired, potential job candidates:”

Innovation’s Nine Critical Success Factors

“Your organization won’t innovate productively unless your underlying factors are in good shape.”

Present Slides, Distribute Documents

As the presenter you are the focal point, you want your ideas to clearly come across. Too often slides become the crutch that the presenter reads instead of valuably reinforcing the presentation. You need to make sure each slide is only about the audience – remove clutter and reduce each slide to the single thought you need to leave on the audience’s mind about that slide. The presentation slide deck shouldn’t be able to stand alone without the presenter (why have a presenter if it does?). And what if people want a “copy” of your slide deck? Use notes view in PowerPoint to create a real document to distribute that clearly explains the ideas you presented. (Vimeo 4:33).

2010-2012 Missouri Middle-Skill Occupational Report (MERIC)

“Missouri, St. Louis, and Kansas City WIA data presented in this report suggest that middle-skill occupations are still alive and thriving even in the current economy. They continue to make up the largest portion of employment in Missouri and the metro WIAs. As the economy begins to recover, more Americans will need the education and training required for employment in the new middle-skill growth occupations. These jobs provide a unique opportunity for Missourians, as employees can gain the skills and training for these careers in a shorter period of time with above average wages for many of the occupations.”

Interactive Graphic: Long-Term Unemployment

State-by-state data on jobless Americans who have been out of work for over a year.

Special Focus: Social Media

How Small Business Can Best Leverage Social Media
“There is no single most effective way for a small business to use social media, because there is no such thing as a typical small business. The best ROI from social media often comes from just monitoring it. The best use of social media isn’t really marketing, it’s learning. Social media allows you access to competitors, customers, and best practices. That’s never been possible before.”
Do You Know How to Serve Customer 2.0?
“A new study suggests customers are shifting their inquiries away from the phone and toward new media.”
7 Unwritten Rules Of Social Media
“The fundamental path to succeeding with social media is to consistently contribute meaningfully—engaging with you should make the lives of those engaging more meaningful.”
10 Guidelines to Doing Well on Twitter
50 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits
50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits
To Monetize Social Media, Humanize It

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” – Malcolm S. Forbes

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