Workforce Development News – Jan. 3, 2011

By on January 3, 2011

New Podcast Now Online – Lean Drives Focus and Focus Drives Retail Sales

Lean thinking and Lean work processes drive high levels of employee engagement and, therefore, are exceptionally powerful tools to use to drive high levels of customer service. They do this by greatly increasing the degree to which employees focus, in very positive ways, on the needs of your customers. And when this happens, you’ve got very satisfied customers and increased sales. (George Friesen, 15:48 MP3)

Your Career Transition Action Plan

“Anyone can make a successful career change which provides personal meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment, provided they commit the time and energy necessary to creating a plan to guide them along the way. By developing an action plan you can move forward by making small improvements and trying new approaches, hopefully supported by new ways of thinking and behavior.”

5 Smart Career Resolutions for 2011

“Here are five practical career resolutions you can choose for 2011. Each includes a suggestion on how to turn resolution into reality.”

Pimp Your Résumé

“Take the time to customize your résumé for each job application and you’ll start seeing better results.”

IRS Delays Start of Filing Season for Taxpayers With Itemized Deductions

“Taxpayers who claim deductions for home-mortgage interest, gifts to charity and state and local taxes will have to wait until middle to late February to file their 2010 returns.”

New Tax Changes You Need to Know

“Despite the availability of professional tax preparation services, an estimated 40 percent of Americans do their own taxes. Here are three of the most important changes to know about as you prepare your 2010 return.”

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2011

Winter Windows 7 Theme

Federal Checks Soon to Go All-Electronic

“Soon all federal employees, vendors and veterans will receive their benefits and paychecks via direct deposit or prepaid debit card instead of a paper check in the mail. The Treasury Department is phasing out paper checks and will move to a fully automated system by March 13, 2013. Individuals applying for benefits on or after May 1, 2011, will receive their payments electronically, while those already receiving paper checks will be switched over to electronic deposit by March 1, 2013. No action is required for those already receiving electronic payments.”

Use of Words and Phrases

Type in phrases or words and see how their use increased or decreased in books over time.

Never assume the obvious is true.” – William Safire

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