Workforce Development News – Feb. 28, 2011

By on February 28, 2011

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

“Successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.”

7 Overused Words That Damage Your Resume’s Success

“Words and their meanings are vitally important in the resume world, and if you want a competitive advantage, then pay close attention to your word choices. Here’s a list of seven worn-out resume terms and some more creative alternatives that you can implement in your resume today.”

A Better Way to Manage Your To-Do List

“Turning an intention into an action – it’s the power of when and where.”

How To Give an Online Presentation

“Make the technology secondary to doing what sales people do, which is create human connections and communicate their message.”

5 Cover Letter Mistakes You’re Making & How to Avoid Them

“To ensure you spark the hiring manager’s interest so they move on to your resume, avoid making the following mistakes:”

Top 10 Legal Myths You Need to Know

“Like it or not, we’re a nation of laws. Since none of us can keep up with all the laws we have to live and work by, not to mention the crazy legalize that nobody can understand, a ridiculously large number of myths abound.”

Flash-Based Solid-State Drives Nearly Impossible To Erase

“Think you got rid of that confidential information on your SSD? The results of a new study will come as a rude awakening. The only sure way to erase the data on an SSD or USB drive requires a very large hammer.”

Nothing in fine print is ever good news.” – Andy Rooney

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