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Former Autoworker Now an Advocate for Workforce Training as State Representative

Clem Smith has lived through the harsh realities of the economic recession, and now is an advocate for the working class in the Missouri Legislature. A third-generation autoworker, Smith lost his job at the Chrysler Assembly Plant after 13 years when the recession forced its closure in 2009. Through a partnership program between Boeing and St. Louis Community College, Smith not only had an avenue out of unemployment, but he also had a job with Boeing within three months. He currently is an aircraft assembly mechanic.
Smith now hopes to become a voice for working men and women in Jefferson City in his role as representative of the 71st District in the Missouri House of Representative. “I want to help people get back to work,” Smith said. “I know we have a highly trained, skilled work force. We build things and do research very well. I am a product of workforce training. My goal is to do meaningful work and help the people of Missouri by ensuring we make every attempt to bring high-paying, good-benefits jobs to this region.”

Rod Nunn In The News

Rod Nunn is featured in a St. Louis Business Journal premium (subscribers only) article “St. Louis Character: Rod Nunn.”

Are You Killing Great Ideas?

“The typical business brainstorming session consists of a bunch of people thrown together in a room and exhorted to ‘Think outside the box!’ and ‘Rule nothing out!’ Why this remains standard procedure is a mystery, since few brainstorming exercises of this sort yield much of value, and the problems with the conventional approach are well known. If you want to do brainstorming right, discard the widely believed myths and go with the proven approaches.”

The Most Important Question a Manager Can Ask

“What question could be more central to being a good boss? If you want to manage and lead successfully, you’ve got to know what the people doing the work need. So why not ask them? But the truth is, this question is not asked by bosses nearly enough.”

Six Resume Mistakes To Avoid

“You have about 15 seconds to make an impression with your resume. That’s about the amount of time recruiters and hiring managers say they spend with each job seeker’s resume, given the tidal wave of applicants for open positions these days. As a result, any glaring mistakes can land your resume in the trash bin. Here’s a rundown of six resume mistakes you’ll want to avoid:”

10 Posts You Should Write for Your Company Blog

“So you’ve decided you need to blog. As the leader in your business, you want to put a human face on the brand and become a source of valuable information for customers. The big question now is, what the heck are you going to write about? And, more importantly, will anyone read it? With time you’re going to have to get a feel for what your target audience wants to read. Right now you just need to start writing. Here are 10 specific post ideas that work well with most any audience.”

5 Myths About the “Information Age”

“New technology is reinforcing old modes of communication rather than undermining them. Confusion about the nature of the so-called information age has led to a state of collective false consciousness, and the misconceptions spread so rapidly that they go unchallenged.”

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

“It’s not unusual for the question to be asked in a job interview. It’s an important question, and it’s fraught with landmines. As a job seeker, you may have no idea what growth potential the company may offer or what the employer wants to hear. So how do you address the question? It may vary. Here are some things to consider:”

The Mountain

Amazing time-lapse video by Terje Sorgjerd. The goal was to capture the Milky Way galaxy and one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe, El Teide (highest mountain in Spain). (Vimeo video 3:09).

NASA Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Launch on April 29

“Endeavour is slated to carry six astronauts, a cargo bay full of spare supplies and a $2 billion astrophysics experiment to the International Space Station. Veteran astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., will command the mission.” “He hopes his wife can travel to Florida to take it in.” The First Family also plans to attend the launch. “Endeavour’s upcoming voyage is the second-to-last space shuttle launch planned before NASA retires its 30-year-old shuttle fleet.”

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters

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