Workforce Development News – April 18, 2011

By on April 18, 2011

St. Louis Community College Partnership with BJC HealthCare

An agreement between St. Louis Community College and BJC HealthCare enables BJC employees to take courses that will meet requirements to enroll in allied health programs at STLCC’s Forest Park campus. Includes comments by Roderick Nunn (STLCC), JoAnn Shaw (BJC HealthCare), Dr. Zelema Harris (STLCC), and Cynthia Hess (STLCC). (YouTube video 2:53).

Local Businesses See Benefits of Systematic Performance Management System at STLCC Forum

St. Louis Community College’s Center for Business, Industry and Labor (CBIL) recently hosted a Performance Management Forum for area businesses at the Training Center on the Florissant Valley campus. By walking the audience through a seven lessons learned process, Lou Gerst (CBIL business practice leader for assessment and research) helped the group visualize the benefits their businesses would see if they used the same type of system when selecting, training and evaluating new employees.

The #1 Killer of Meetings (And What You Can Do About It)

“That was dreadful. Not only was I bored, everyone else was bored too. Disengaged. I’m terrible at facilitating these kinds of meetings. But they’re so important. I’ve got to get better at it. I need to find a better way.”

10 Tips to Be a Better Business Writer

Why Should I Hire YOU?

“When an employer is interviewing you for a job, the question they usually don’t ask, but want you to answer most is… ‘Why should I hire YOU?’ If you can’t answer that question to their satisfaction… you simply won’t get the job.”

Other Uses for Your Elevator Speech

“After all of the thought and time creating them and practicing them, many people want to get more use out of them than simply waiting to meet someone new. Repurposing your elevator speech and extending your personal brand is a great idea.”

If You Want People to Actually Read What You Write

“Whether you know it or not, when you compose or reply to an e-mail, you’re designing. When you assemble a grant proposal, a business plan, an executive summary, you’re designing. And good design gives you an edge. How big an edge? It’s the difference between getting read or getting ignored. Here are 15 basic design rules:”

5 Traps: How Do I Use Public Wi-Fi Safely?

“Using free coffee shop Wi-Fi isn’t safe. But then, you’ve done it anyway, viewing critical work documents or doing online banking. So let’s talk turkey. To borrow from a modern parental dilemma, I really don’t want you doing that, but if you do, you should be taking the proper precautions.”

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

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