Take A Hike!

By on July 5, 2011
Composite Materials

In order to make nature more accessible to everyone, occasionally it is necessary to install a small foot bridge or walkway over particularly rough terrain or a small creek. If that bridge is constructed using traditional methods it requires heavy equipment to bring in the materials and machinery build the bridge. The problem with this method is that this equipment destroys the very environment the bridge is being constructed to enjoy!

That same structure, but made of composite materials, can be built to specification off site, brought in on one truck then lifted into place, thus preserving the surrounding environment. Composite materials also last longer with less maintenance than wood or metal. Composites can also be created in the specified color thus blending with the environment while not requiring upkeep to maintain their appearance.

Next time you take a hike, look around and give some thought to how composites could improve that experience.

About Joanne Fountain

Joanne teaches Composites Fabrication and Assembly for the Aerospace Institute at St. Louis Community College. She began in the composites industry over 25 years ago as a lab tech performing destructive mechanical tests on composite laminates then moved on to research the embedment of fiber optics to create smart skins. She is well versed in a wide variety of composites manufacturing methods and continues to stay abreast of new trends in the technology.

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