Spotlight on Safety: How Are You Doing?

By on September 15, 2011
Spotlight on Safety

Do you tend to daydream during safety training because it’s so boring? Or do you wish you had the opportunity to attend safety training? Do you ever cut corners on safety to get the job done quicker? Or are you not familiar with safety rules, so you do what you think is right, and it’s not? If you’re like most employees, one of these should ring true for you at least sometimes. We don’t want you to be another statistic like this:

Most of us think, “It will never happen to me. I’m too smart/focused/observant/protected/informed, etc.” But ask someone who became disabled due to improper lifting if they ever thought it would happen to them. Or the worker who mishandled a toxic chemical and spilled it on himself because the instructions for use where not displayed. The responsibility for preventing such incidents lies with your employer and YOU.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about safety at your company.

Is Safety a Priority at Your Company?

  • Does your company provides workplace health and safety training for all employees?
  • Does the business maintain a formal safety plan?
  • Is the safety plan communicated to everyone?
  • Are safety signs and labels posted in potentially unsafe areas of your company?
  • Does your business have a safety incentive program?
  • Does your company conduct routine safety audits of the facility?

If you answered “no” to any item, your company may not be making safety a priority. If your facility is interested in a safety assessment/audit, please contact us.

Can I Respond in an Emergency?

Most people, especially those working in an office environment, cannot act properly during an emergency because they don’t know how to respond. You can’t always think clearly in an emergency, so it’s critical that you know what to do before one occurs. If you can’t answer the questions below, find out the answers before you really need to know.

  • Where is the closest fire extinguisher?
  • Where is the nearest First Aid kit?
  • Where is the nearest fire alarm?
  • Where is the designated gathering area for your building in case of fire? tornado
  • What do you do when a tornado threatens? How about an earthquake?
  • Who is the safety marshall in your area?

Don’t be another statistic. Think Safety! It starts with you. For more information contact Shayna Howell .

About Shayna Howell

Shayna was the Client Development Manager in the Workforce Solutions Group of St Louis Community College. She has over 20 years of experience in the Community College system in training and development, project management, program/course development, grant writing/administration and marketing.

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