Procter & Gamble Electrical and Instrumentation Training Program

By on July 10, 2011
Procter & Gamble Electrical and Instrumentation Training Program

A 17 year training partnership between STLCC and Procter & Gamble.

“Procter & Gamble has worked in conjunction with STLCC to develop an Electrical and Instrumentation Training program (E&I Blitz) that is unique and geared toward the technical challenges at the St. Louis Plant. Strict design and teaching standards with critique follow-up were developed to insure a high rate of success and quality instruction. This program maximizes the blending of technical training with practical experience so students are capable of providing shift coverage within a relatively short period after graduating. This demonstrates how business and local educational institutions can work together to develop a truly successful program,” stated Lonnie Koeltzow, Power Controls & Information Systems Leader, St. Louis.

The Center for Business, Industry and Labor (CBIL) of STLCC is honored to have partnered with P&G from the first E&I Blitz delivery in 1994 to the 7th successful class of graduates in June 2011. This unique, customized training program is a performance based, apprenticeship type curriculum that takes over six months to complete. Students for each course are carefully selected from existing P&G employees and are then assigned full time to attend the program. There is a dedicated classroom at the St. Louis plant, but some classes are also held at area colleges. Students complete over 776 hours of classroom training, including machine control, power distribution, process control, and in depth classes in automated controls. Students must also complete projects of wiring and programming modules which are very similar to the actual machinery in the plant; over 200 hours are spent in hands on activities.

While many training vendors and P&G internal resources are involved in delivering this program, CBIL’s role in the program has been substantial over the years. Since its inception, Ellen Irons, a long time CBIL associate, has provided continuity and continuous process improvement as well as performance analysis and instructional design services. At the end of each E&I Blitz, Ellen, incorporating feedback from participants, provides recommendations for improvements to both CBIL and P&G. These recommendations are then incorporated into the next scheduled program. Four P&G managers have headed up the E&I Blitz program – Tom Zimmerman, Gary Weidler, Steve Waller, and for the 2009, 2010 & 2011 E&I Blitz programs – Lonnie Koeltzow. Ellen has been able to provide the continuity and assist in each year’s improvements and changes.

CBIL has also provided a large percentage of the Automated Controls classes every Blitz. From our initial classes with PLC5s to our current “state of the art” classes in controllogix, motion E&I Blitz programs, Troy Kitchen, a CBIL associate, has been the primary PLC Instructor. His excellent teaching abilities and technological expertise have been consistently valued, so that CBIL now provides seven out of the eight major automated controls courses.

Beyond CBIL’s pride in our role, it’s important to recognize P&G as a leader in developing technicians from their internal workforce. Very few companies nationally have invested in their employees and in an ongoing program to this extent. But of course, the pay off has continued to be well worth it – the graduates of the E&I Blitz have become plant electricians & provided electrical leadership -graduation after graduation. So – congratulations to the class of 2011 and may there be many more classes!

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