The Aerospace Industry and St. Louis

By on March 10, 2011
Aerospace Industry and St. Louis

In St. Louis, the aerospace industry is at the intersection of high-tech manufacturing and defense production, and the sector is crucial to the economy of the region. St. Louis is headquarters for Boeing’s Integrated Defense Systems unit which employs nearly 16,000 area residents with an annual payroll of $1.5 billion. Other important contributors include GKN Aerospace, employing 2,400, and DRS Engineered Air Systems as well as many smaller first, second and third-tier suppliers. In addition, the region is home to three major airports, as well as numerous private air charter services.

The Aerospace industry will be losing a large portion of its labor force due to retirement in the next five to ten years. The average employee age on the manufacturing floor is 54.

The Aerospace industry has a difficult time finding qualified applicants. They feel that STLCC could provide the necessary education for entry level employment. Additionally, we offer opportunities for applicants to improve math and/or reading skills before beginning training, if necessary.

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