Customized Training Helps Missouri

By on March 10, 2010
Customized Training Helps Missouri

Funding to offset the costs of employee training and retraining

This program is offered to new firms, expanding firms, and businesses that need to retrain current employees.

The Customized Training Program has three objectives:

  1. Training and retraining workers to help meet the demands of new technology and changing markets.
  2. Creating new jobs; expanding the workforce.
  3. Reducing the costs of training and retraining (increasing company profits).

The Customized Training Grant Program can provide the following services: Skill training for employees, Instructors and Curriculum development.

A Missouri company may be eligible for training assistance for Missouri residents if it meets one of the following criteria:

Job Creation

The firm is a new or expanding company that is creating new jobs, with and without substantial new capital investment.

Job Retention

The firm is retraining existing employees as a result of substantial new capital investment.

New Products

The firm is retraining existing employees as a result of the introduction of new products or services, or to upgrade quality and/or improve productivity.

To learn more contact Pat Tuttle at 314-539-5324 for more information.

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