The New World of Customer Service

By on June 10, 2008
New World of Customer Service

Anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of your business, however remote, it is an opportunity to form an impression. What type of impression is your company leaving for your customers? Is it a “Wow” experience where customers leave feeling good? Or is it an unpleasant moment of truth, leaving a bad taste in the customer’s mouth?

Customer Service does not have to be a nightmare for your company. CBIL just recently kicked-off our training program entitled, “The New World of Customer Service,” in partnership with Development Dimensions International (DDI), a nationwide leader in the training industry.

The New World of Customer Service program is designed to create extraordinary service opportunities for everyone in your organization, from service leaders to service providers. Our goal is to help organizations create loyalty by working with them to develop service cultures that are linked to business objectives. Through our years of experience we have learned that leadership is the key to customer loyalty. Leadership is based on training, trust, and partnerships that result in repeat business.

Some time ago a friend shared a customer service experience with me that I haven’t forgotten: One day she was working on a training project and decided to go to lunch at a restaurant next door. It was a small restaurant that served hamburgers, fries, sandwiches, etc. After she placed her order, she noticed there was a dog on the premises that followed the order taker in the kitchen where the food was being prepared. My friend called the order taker and asked if she would keep the dog out of the kitchen while her food was being prepared. The order taker then called the manager to her table and my friend explained the situation. The owner listened and then told my friend that if she did not like the dog in the kitchen, then she needed to go somewhere else to eat. The attitude was total indifference to the customer. My friend said no problem, cancelled her order, and took her business across the street. She then called the City Inspectors office to report the situation.

Needless to say, the restaurant is now closed. Apparently, this business cared nothing about creating extraordinary service opportunities for the customers. Of course we know this could have been fixed. After all, customer service is seen through the eyes of the customer. Let us assist your company in creating extraordinary service opportunities

About Karin Fowler

Karin is the Senior Program Manager and Customer Service Business Practice Leader at St. Louis Community College, Workforce Solutions Group (WSG) Division, where she manages the Metropolitan Education Training (MET) Center. She manages and develops workshops in Customer Service, Career Development, Resume Writing, Interviewing and Leadership skills. She has been a Customer Service Business Practice Leader and Facilitator with the Workforce Solutions Group since July 1999. Karin has extensive experience in the areas of customer service development, training and delivery. In addition, she also manages on-site contracts to develop and deliver training for displaced and adult workers for coaching and career strategies. Karin consistently receives high praise on course evaluations with such comments as - “Karin’s inner personal attitude makes you want to be better,” “Helped me take a look at myself and helped me with better customer service; “Kept the audience involved” and “Karin re-integrated main points as examples during our group discussions and activities.”

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